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Omg this is the complete truth!!! I can't believe how blind I was! At least he didn't try telling me he was a CIA agent like he did all the women after me! He must have known I wasn't THAT stupid lol

The image says it all

Ex-CIA Operative: Military Thwarted Obama's Plans To Nuke/EMP America It is time for Obama to be Court-Martialed, and hung for Treason! To hell with Impeachment anymore!

CNN Bombshell: CIA Personnel in Benghazi Silenced with Threats to Their Families by Obama Regime

The truth shall set you free! Stop watching doctored media and grow a working brain of your own! There are more than a billion Muslims out of which only a handful are on their own agenda... But here's the truth, there's more organized terrorists on their own agenda creating fear & hate, like the CIA, the MOSSAD, the MI6 etc...

Bush & Cheney Knew About 9/11 Months Before It Happened Says Whistleblower Charged Under Patriot Act

WHITE HOUSE THROWS CIA UNDER THE BUS [surprise,surprise] WH Officials confessed knowing within 72 hours of the attack that it was al-Qaeda operated. And knowing that the attack was likely being viewed in the situation room as it occurred makes it virtually impossible to believe that the WH would have eschewed getting information from the CIA immediately. The question is this: is the CIA willing to go to the rack on behalf of a White House that is throwing it under the bus?

IN LIES WE TRUST - The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism

Repin thank you:why was he ignored?Twitter / JennJacques: POSTING THIS AGAIN: CIA Agents ...CAN YOU IMAGINE KNOWING YOU WERE IN DANGER and being IGNORED BY HILLARY?

» Feds Visited Michael Hastings’ House Day Before His Death Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

SOURCES WHO WERE ON THE GROUND in Benghazi during the attack on the US consulate are saying that CIA OPPERATIVES ASKED 2X FOR PERMISSION to HELP AMBASSADOR CHRIS STEVENS & HIS STAFF & 2X were told to 'STAND DOWN' — while later a request for MILITARY BACKUP WAS DENIED AGAIN... While OBAMA ADMIN. WATCHED LIVE.... DID OBAMA'S ADMIN. MURDER, HERO GLEN DOHERTY?!? I.M.P.E.A.C.H. O.B.A.M.A ... And they wanted us to believe it was because of a stupid video! VOTE THE PATHETIC LIARS OUT ... READ MORE

Spring Break is almost over and it has been days filled with sunshine, kids activities and a whole lot of CIA work!!! LOVE the whole week and sorry to see it end. BUT summer is around the corner and we can't wait for pools, family vacations and sleeping in!!

Osama Bin Laden was a CIA Agent. Google Tim Osman = mind blown. Once you know that you will stop making fun of the 911 turthers.

Worried mother

The Hell with the CIA, FBI , Police, Home Land Security and James Bond A...

Be kind, for everyone is fighting their battle, too. That's CIA, Compassion In Action - easier to talk abt than do?

Imagery: One Eye symbolism, mocking Jesus Christ, Mickey Mouse ears = MK Ultra mind control (Disney was used in a CIA operation by putting subliminals in movies which still happens today on a massive scale)