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Clean Toilet Stains

Natural cleaning supplies -- Cleaning hard water stains, bath tubs and toliets. I just tried vinegar on my toilet & NO MORE toilet smells!! With it being Summer and lots of my sons friends over I had a tuff time getting rid of smells in the bathroom. I tried every product out there and they never really worked. This one worked the 1st time!!

Pinner says, "Cleaning your toilet with coca cola will get out the nastiest stains! One pinner said: "I had my cousin try it when they bought a house and the toilets were disgusting, this trick left the toilets looking like new! I have also used Coke for cleaning soot off of the fireplace heat box, or outdoor grill."

Useful life hacks. Ok if you can clean your TOILET with Coke then why would anyone drink it, the fact that is that powerful should tell you it can KILL you!

spring cleaning tip - denture cleaners like Polident can work wonders on stained toilet bowls, since they are made to clean porcelain. Just drop in a dissolving denture cleaning tablet and let it go. After a bit, flush and enjoy your sparkling bowl.

Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl at night to clean off stubborn stains.

Quick Tip: Clean Your Toilet With Kool-Aid Although lemon or organge flavor has citric acid that helps to clean your bowl! All you have to do is sprinkle the contents of the package in before you head to bed, swirl it around with a toilet bowl brush, and let it sit over night. The acid in the drink mix will go to work cleaning away tough stains and build up if you don't have the best water conditions.

All-purpose cleaners won't remove rust stains from sinks, tubs & toilets. Use a stain remover like Super Iron Out. Look for product that contains diluted hydrochloric acid DO NOT USE bleach—it'll set stain. For toilets, add Super Iron Out to the water, clean w/ a stiff nylon-bristled brush. For sinks/tubs, wet surface w/ water. Apply Super Iron Out to a damp sponge (wear rubber gloves & mask, stuff is powerful). Wipe stain w/ sponge until gone. Rinse surface w/ water to remove Super Iron Out.

How to clean water stains in your toilet!! I bought one (with different packaging) at Bed Bath and Beyond for $4. Our house had been vacant for many months before we moved in and the toilet looked like it needed to be replaced. I tried everything to clean it and just discovered this and loved it!!!!

CLOTHES WASHING KIT 5-gallon bucket with lid (cut hole in middle of lid for plunger handle to fit through) Toilet plunger (brand-new, clean) Store in bucket: Liquid laundry detergent Stain remover/stain stick Vinegar (add 1/2 cup to rinse water) helps remove soap Rope (for clothes line) Clothes pins

You don’t need a bald genie or a specialized product to clean ugly gunk and lime stains from your toilet bowl. Use WD-40 instead: Spray it into the bowl for a couple of seconds and swish with a nylon toilet brush. The solvents in the WD-40 will help dissolve the gunk and lime.

Homemade Natural Cleaners (all-purpose, carpet deodorizer, microwave cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, etc)

• GREEN CLEANING • The ingredients you need are: 1) baking soda: cleans, deodorizes & scours 2) distilled vinegar: kiss 99% of bacteria & 80% of viruses, cuts grease 3) citrus: acidity is antibacterial & anti-fungal, bleaches, removes stains 4) soap (plant based): cleans & cuts grease. RECIPES: all purpose, all purpose (varation), toilet, bath tub/shower, glass & wood polish.

Buy red pool dye (Amazon). Take the cap off and cut an X through the foil seal. Use an old washcloth as a wick. Tip bottle on its side behind the float. It will drip dye into the tank with every flush. Does not perm stain but may need bleach clean-up.

Clean Your Dirty Toilet with Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner MAY 2, 2012 BY: AMEE BERECZ11 COMMENTS I love a sparkling clean toilet, but I admi...

We already did this, but it was so amazing I must share with my friends! Toilet Bowl Cleaner to clean rust stains out of your tub or tile..YES YOU CAN!!

For dirty toilet bowls: sprinkle equal parts baking soda and borax around the bowl, add white vinegar, and clean with toilet brush. For stubborn stains, leave mixture in overnight.