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Cleaning Brass

After recently cleaning out my jewelry collection, I was motivated to save a much neglected set of brass bangles by giving it a summer-inspired overhaul. And since there isn't anything some colorful embroidery floss and gold charms can't fix, this transformation was easily executed with supplies

Handy tool for squarely aligning taps and avoiding broken taps. This version has a vee slot along bottom for tapping round stock. Use Tap Magic for great results. For smaller taps ( 00-90, 0-80, 1-72 and 2-56) I made similar tool from 1" dia. brass rod stock and a series of drilled holes to accommodate the thread diameters. Found the tube and hole cleaning brushes on eBay

How to Clean Brass

Copper and brass fixtures starting to show there age? Here is a way to get them looking brand spanking new again.

If you want to feel a surge of pioneer super-competence, there’s nothing like whipping your house into shape with old-school cleaners. These 12 classic cleaning supplies get the job done naturally.

BRASS HARDWARE TUTORIAL Over the last year, I’ve also narrowed down two great substitutes for faking the patina with other hardware that you want to give a golden glow. If you’re curious how to tell the difference between real brass and brass plate, how to polish unlacquered brass, or how to fake the look of antique brass hardware, here’s how I do it. | from 47 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership

How To Clean Brass With Lemon Juice And Baking Soda

How to: Polish Brass | Inspired by Charm

How to clean brass handles (and stuff)

WD-40… Is there anything it can not do???? Here’s a list of 50 things WD-40 can do.

coat the items with sugar and then drop on enough lemon juice to saturate the sugar. You can leave it to soak for a while if you like.

From ketchup to nail-polish remover, household “tricks” for cleaning brass abound. Skip them: An inexpensive brass cleaner from the supermarket is best. Watch this video to learn how to polish brass.

Bar Keeper's Friend, makes cleaning brass amazingly easy!

How To Clean Brass, Copper & More: {DIY Methods}

A Pretty Penny - How to Clean Brass Alex & Ani Bracelets

redo ugly brass door knobs with just sanding and rustoleum clean metal primer and paint

Norwex Envirotowel or Suede Microfiber Used For: * Cleaning and polishing fine wood furniture * As a sports towel, hair towel, or for drying your entire body * For drying dishes or for polishing glossy surfaces to prevent streaks * At the beach, pool, for camping, on holidays * In your gym bag * For polishing metals like silver and brass - works great on jewlery * For drying fruit after cleaning * Drying kitchen counters Compact, wet or dry, and super absorbent. Dries quickly!

how to clean brass: You can also use a mixture of salt and lemon juice as a natural polish, use approximately ¼ cup of salt per squeeze of ½ lemon to make a paste.Lemon juice is acidic, so be sure to fully rinse and buff your brass hardware, and I’ve read that using a little olive oil on top will prolong the periods between polishing.

How to Clean Brass Drawer Pulls | eHow

How to Clean Brass Door Handles - works and smells great! A huge improvement over the vinegar solution I was using before.