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Cleaning Brass

Took an old brass floor lamp; sanded with medium grain sand paper, wiped clean, two coats of spray paint primer, two coats of satin nickel spray paint, two coats of polyurethane; a new shade, new finial and bada bing!

How to Clean Brass via @Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess

Cleaning a load of rifle brass using a dry tumbler. Note how the used dryer sheets help pull the dirt out.

7 steps to deep-cleaning your bathroom. Again we caution our followers to be careful using vinegar, ammonia and other harsh chemicals to clean bath fixtures. Chemicals may ruin porcelain, marble, granite, copper, brass and other natural finishes. We recommend following the manufacturers or installers instructions.

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HOMEMADE BUBBLE WANDS so easy and so cute. Items: some twigs from the yard, some copper, brass or silver jewelery wire from the craft store bubble solution:: You can give the sticks a clean cut with a saw or just try to snap them up evenly by hand::Gardening shears will work nicely as wire cutters, but scissors would do the job too. Just do a little twisting and voila:: the simplest bubble recipe was just non-organic dish soap (dawn) water (about one cup of soap to 4 cups of water)::

Excelsior Metal Polish for polishing and cleaning cutlery, brass, copper, tin ware and all bright steel and metal work. [front] by Boston Public Library, via Flickr

Brass Cleaner Formula-non-toxic, no fumes mixture 2 T salt 2 T vinegar 2 C hot water Let pieces soak for 1-2 hours.MAY DAYS: How To Clean Brass Hardware

I can see these in holiday colors as a centerpiece... I think I'll have to look more carefully at Goodwill from now on!

FREE online video class! Etching has been around for hundreds of years and is now as popular as ever! Instructor Aisha Formanski will teach you the basics of etching copper, brass and nickel silver with ferric chloride. If you can draw the design, she will show you how to preserve it in metal forever! She covers how to; clean your metal, resists, etching safely and finishing your pieces. This technique offers endless design options. This class has a run time of 15 minutes.

How to clean brass with vinegar and salt BE CAREFUL if soaked too long, the brass will turn pink. Or don't be careful, depending on your project I guess ;D

how to clean brass bullet shells - just tried this and it's pretty amazing ❤️

Super easy DIY copper and brass cleaner. 6 TBS salt, 6 TBS flour, and several TBS white vinegar. Mix flour and salt then add TBS's vinegar until you have a paste. Rub on with a soft cloth then rinse and dry. Ta-Da! Clean copper and brass without harsh chemicals!

Saw a tip online about this getting scratches out of plates, Well I needed to get scratches out of the toilet bowl. The scrub brush snapped and the metal in it scratched up the bowl. This stuff worked miracles! Not only are all the scratches gone, but it also go the ring of scum that I could get up with anything out! YES, my toilet looks brand new again! (well, except that it's pink)

Ultrasonic cleaning brass for reloading and swaging

I love this idea. Buy an old brass lamp and turn it into a clean, glossy white (or any other color) beautiful new looking lamp.

A Usage Guide for Dremel Bits Carving and Engraving Bits like the 9909 tungsten carbide cutter are good for shaping and smoothing exceptionally hard materials. The 191 high-speed cutter bit is ideal for cutting into wood, plastic or other relatively soft materials. Cleaning and Polishing The 535 brass brush is softer than steel and ideal for polishing softer metals like gold. Dremel's 463 rubber polishing tapered point bit is used to remove scratch marks and burs from ferrous metals.