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Cleaning Brass

HOMEMADE BUBBLE WANDS so easy and so cute. Items: some twigs from the yard, some copper, brass or silver jewelery wire from the craft store bubble solution:: You can give the sticks a clean cut with a saw or just try to snap them up evenly by hand::Gardening shears will work nicely as wire cutters, but scissors would do the job too. Just do a little twisting and voila:: the simplest bubble recipe was just non-organic dish soap (dawn) water (about one cup of soap to 4 cups of water)::

Excelsior Metal Polish for polishing and cleaning cutlery, brass, copper, tin ware and all bright steel and metal work. [front] by Boston Public Library, via Flickr

Vinegar Use- Unclog drains - Remove mold - Let your windows shine - Clean food-stained dishes - Eliminate odors and stains - Remove a sticky label,Clean brass and copper - Clean your eye glasses - Use it as conditioner,- Ant repellent - Treat sunburn...

Quick Copper and Brass Cleaning Trick - Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters

10 Unexpected Household Uses for Lemons: 1. Clean Your Garbage Disposal 2. Spruce up Your Flatware 3. Clean Copper, Brass and Silver 4. Avoid a Smelly Vacuum 5. Remove Icky Odors from Rolling Pins or Cutting Boards 6. Freshen up Your Hands 7. Revive Hardened Paintbrushes 8. Keep Pests Away While Painting Outdoors 9. Get Rid of Outdoor Pests with Lemon Rinds 10. Freshen the Fridge

Etching Brass and Copper. Materials needed: - Ferric Chloride Solution for etching (Radio Shack) - Gloves, safety glasses, apron - Glass or plastic dish to hold etching solution - Dish for water/baking soda rinse - Clear packing tape - Sharpie markers, or other resist copper or brass to etch - Green scotchbrite pad for cleaning copper

How to clean hardware on purses -> Don’t forget to pay attention to metal hardware such as brass snaps or stainless steel eyelets. Believe it or not, the best home remedy we’ve found to clean tarnished and grimy hardware are Mr. Clean’s magic erasers. Keep zippers moving freely with a piece of beeswax (you can find this in natural foods stores). Never use WD-40 or similar oils on a leather bag!

Take any lamp base - metal, resin, glass - clean, lightly sand, prime and repaint in a high-gloss bright color, for a wonderful redo on a boring base.

Sumptuous baroque hand made leather journal. An exquisitely rich detailed embossed book for your thoughts …. hand tinted leather creating an unique colour gradient . The centre of the front cover presents alligator texture within patina brass chains.. Book edges are carved and colored with dark tones and partially gilded with specialist bookmakers antique finish We are informed … ‘It feels like Game of Thrones meets Baroque opulence’

Great guy card. The only change I would make is to substitute brass split pins instead of the rhinestones. You could also do it in the spring colours of greens.

How to clean Campaign/brass hardware: redoing campaign furniture

Polish your brass with flour and vinegar. | 29 Hacks For The Frugal Clean Freak

Rub a few drops of Worcestershire sauce on a damp cloth to clean brass

Video and transcript: cleaning copper or brass with ketchup (you can also use vinegar + salt and it will be faster according to the blogger)

Who Knew? sugar and lemon juice to clean tarnished brass

FREE online video class! Etching has been around for hundreds of years and is now as popular as ever! Instructor Aisha Formanski will teach you the basics of etching copper, brass and nickel silver with ferric chloride. If you can draw the design, she will show you how to preserve it in metal forever! She covers how to; clean your metal, resists, etching safely and finishing your pieces. This technique offers endless design options. This class has a run time of 15 minutes.

how too clean a brass candle holder

I love this idea. Buy an old brass lamp and turn it into a clean, glossy white (or any other color) beautiful new looking lamp.