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Cleaning Brass

WD-40… Is there anything it can not do???? Here’s a list of 50 things WD-40 can do.

Cleaning 101...Using Food! POWDERED MUSTARD: To remove the smell from your glass storage containers, soak them in a quart of warm water and a teaspoon of powdered mustard overnight. ONIONS: To eliminate that mold and mildew smell in a basement, cut onion in half and leave overnight. KETCHUP: To remove tarnish from brass or copper, rub with a little ketchup on with a clean cloth. Rinse and dry. TABLE SALT: For spills in the oven, pour table salt over it. When cool, clean up with a wet cloth.

Clean brass with lemon and baking soda...alternate plan. Also how to use a magnet to see if I'm really working with true brass.

How To Clean Copper & Brass Naturally Ingredients: White vinegar Lemon Juice Salt Flour Directions: 1. Use a towel soaked in either lemon juice or white vinegar and scrub your copper or brass clean 2. For tougher oxidation that won't come off by this method alone, mix equal parts salt and flour and wet with white vinegar until a cleaning paste is formed 3. Scrub copper or brass clean with this "paste" 4. Rinse copper/brass completely with water 5. Dry copper/brass thoroughly

Norwex Envirotowel or Suede Microfiber Used For: * Cleaning and polishing fine wood furniture * As a sports towel, hair towel, or for drying your entire body * For drying dishes or for polishing glossy surfaces to prevent streaks * At the beach, pool, for camping, on holidays * In your gym bag * For polishing metals like silver and brass - works great on jewlery * For drying fruit after cleaning * Drying kitchen counters Compact, wet or dry, and super absorbent. Dries quickly!

Super easy DIY copper and brass cleaner. 6 TBS salt, 6 TBS flour, and several TBS white vinegar. Mix flour and salt then add TBS's vinegar until you have a paste. Rub on with a soft cloth then rinse and dry. Ta-Da! Clean copper and brass without harsh chemicals!

HOW TO CLEAN TARNISHED BRASS...Add 1/2 c white vinegar 1 T salt to a sink or basin (deep enough to cover the item). Fill with hot water soak 15 - 20 min. Add some dishwashing detergent to a sponge and gently scrub with a circular motion. Use a toothbrush to get into the small cracks.

Roman Shades DIY - easy 'how to' using brass rings on the back and a cord system just like blinds. *Use this approach to make white sheer fabric roman shades in master bathroom as it has a clean look and doesn't require horizontal plastic blind pieces to keep string in place.

Brass Cleaner Formula-non-toxic, no fumes mixture 2 T salt 2 T vinegar 2 C hot water Let pieces soak for 1-2 hours.MAY DAYS: How To Clean Brass Hardware

How to clean Campaign/brass hardware: redoing campaign furniture

8 Surprising Household Uses for Lemons -- HOW TO: Cleaning laminate countertops; Cutting boards; Cleaning copper; Cleaning brass; Removing rust from clothes; Bleaching white clothes with lemon juice; Getting stains out of Tupperware.

Thank you thank you to Jennifer Quigley, who came up with this BRILLIANT idea for paint storage! She is smart and a fantastic artist! Here is what she used: Stretcher bars, brass chicken wire, box of tacks, sticker sheet hanging clips ... Quick studio clean up project.

How to Clean Brass - Door Knocker--Still looking for best advice on how to clean a brass faucet.

Took an old brass floor lamp; sanded with medium grain sand paper, wiped clean, two coats of spray paint primer, two coats of satin nickel spray paint, two coats of polyurethane; a new shade, new finial and bada bing!

HOMEMADE BUBBLE WANDS so easy and so cute. Items: some twigs from the yard, some copper, brass or silver jewelery wire from the craft store bubble solution:: You can give the sticks a clean cut with a saw or just try to snap them up evenly by hand::Gardening shears will work nicely as wire cutters, but scissors would do the job too. Just do a little twisting and voila:: the simplest bubble recipe was just non-organic dish soap (dawn) water (about one cup of soap to 4 cups of water)::

Took an old brass floor lamp; sanded with medium grain sand paper, wiped clean, two coats of spray paint primer, two coats of satin nickel spray paint, two coats of polyurethane; a new shade, new finial and bada bing!

According to Saudia Davis, CEO of GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning, ketchup is the perfect cleanser for copper pots and brass fixtures in your home. “It makes them shine and saves you money compared with specialty products. Simply cover the item with a thick layer of ketchup, let sit 5-20 minutes, then buff away with a paper towel.”

How to Clean Brass with Bar Keepers Friend

Salt and vinegar are good for more than potato chips, they can also help you polish brass and copper items like candlesticks.