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Club Sandwich Recipes

Grilled Club Sandwich Recipe - I like the mix of mayo and bbq sauce for this.

Chicken Club Pizza -- Chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato come together for a deli fave translated into a melt, hot pizza recipe. Get all the flavors of a delicious club sandwich in every bite.

Easy Club Sandwich Recipe - How to Make Smoked Trout and Avocado Sandwich

Copycat Saltine Cracker recipe - this will come in very handy for the homemade club sandwich candies I make, since I ALWAYS forget to buy saltines!

Now, this is my idea of a chicken salad sandwich! ~SB The Weekend Gourmet: March Secret Recipe Club: THE Chicken Salad from Everyday Insanity

Crown Recipes: California Club Sandwich Recipe

An easy turkey club recipe that will satisfying a hunger appetite at lunch.. Hot Turkey Club Sandwiches Recipe from Grandmothers Kitchen.

Caesar Cardini Chicken Club Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Club Sandwich Recipe

Try our Mini Italian Club Sandwiches. Recipe with reviews and photos @FoodNetwork_UK

Meat Loaf CLub sandwiches from F! Josey favorite!