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Color Wheel Projects

Art At Woodstock: Design: Color Wheel. High school. The written words describe the colors.

color wheel project ideas | Complex Color Wheel | high school art project | School Ideas

Color Wheel for Elementary Students I’ve found that most color wheels are either too complicated (lots of sections and subsections) or too simple (three overlapping balloons) for your average elementary student. My solution is to make my own, and also diagram primary, secondary, warm, cool and complementary colors. You can download a copy for free HERE (new link). Enjoy!

4th grade. complementary colors -- I LOVE art lessons using the color wheel & this is a perfect way to incorporate that idea

Color wheel project

Larger than Life color wheel: group project.- Could easily made adaptable for Middle School-- Like 8th grade

Variation On A Color Wheel Project

Color wheel project. Acrylic paint. Eye painting. Started off with primary colors and mixed into secondary, then tertiary. Used Hue, Tint, Shade and Tone to mix and create the "eyelid" and "lashes"

Art I: Color Wheel Project. 12 section mandala was created and each section was colored in tints and shades of the color wheel. It seems the same value was used in each section. I Specific criteria is not given. For middle school I would use 6 sections.

Art Projects for Kids: Color Wheel for Elementary Students {excellent for younger kids to understand the color wheel}

My color wheel project. I used a zebra as inspiration

This, instead of a color wheel (which you'd still introduce and use as a tool so the class could put them up)

Great idea when teaching color wheel. Site also has other pictures of great art projects. - love the look of concentration!

no website, but neat concept on printmaking...could make for an interesting color wheel project

By far, one of THE BEST examples I've seen of a teacher sythnesizing design, the physical method of color mixing AND the tangible/written language of color. Such a beautiful portfolio of work.

Great gecko art project. She did it with 1st grade but not sure mine are that advanced yet. Maybe 2nd instead.

One-point perspective - I like this and it could be turned into a color wheel project (combo lesson)

Radial Design Color Wheel from My High School Art Room

Interactive color wheel art lesson for 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th grade middle school students. Great project for learning about the element of art color! Also for practicing mixing colors and learning the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Wilkinson's Wonderful World of Art: Triangular Design Color Wheels Could be a review of color theory for 4th grade, or a started project for color mixing

color wheel - great collaborative collage project! Warm to cool & light to dark values.