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Color Wheel Projects

Rubbish Rainbows: an Environmental Art Project by Liz Jones.. inventive color wheel display, help the little ones to better understand the mixture of color and recycling, turning found objects into art.

The Acrylic Paint Colour Wheel Book presents a series of eight step-by-step projects designed to teach you the most rewarding acrylic painting techniques as you gradually build both knowledge and confidence. Spin the color wheel on the jacket to instantly see the results of mixing different colors.

How to Use the Real Color Wheel (These are transparent primaries to paint with. Transparent yellow, transparent magenta and transparent cyan. These colors mixed will make red, blue and green, adding white will make them tints and opaque).

Art Project, color wheel

My color wheel project. I used a zebra as inspiration

Great idea when teaching color wheel. Site also has other pictures of great art projects. - love the look of concentration!

Color Wheel Project by *tyleramato on deviantART Very cool blending

no website, but neat concept on printmaking...could make for an interesting color wheel project

One-point perspective - I like this and it could be turned into a color wheel project (combo lesson)

Interactive color wheel art lesson for 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th grade middle school students. Great project for learning about the element of art color! Also for practicing mixing colors and learning the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

This is the "Color Wheels" art created by artist Joyful Stove for the 2003 Tour de Lincoln public arts project in Lincoln, NE.

Art Projects for Kids: Abstract Oil Pastel Cat

Art Teacher Creature - lots of art projects

Arts & Activities - Page 16- creative color wheels

  • Laura Graf

    What a great way to show colours instead of in a colour wheel. love it

Use the watercolor pencils to color in the birds with PRIMARY colors; then paint with water over them the next day to see the secondary colors emerge!

Color wheel/tint/shade painting project I did with my middle school art students; This one was mine.

Color Wheel with Primary, Secondary, Intermediate and Tertiary Colors

A nice twist on the classic color wheel. From: YEStudio.

color theory assignment - incorporate color wheel analogous, neutral, complimentary, etc all into one piece

High School Art Projects - Bing ImagesLook at color wheel on the webpage

Great gecko art project. She did it with 1st grade but not sure mine are that advanced yet. Maybe 2nd instead.