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Simple Daily Crossfit workout. Im sure Ive pinned this same thing 5 billion times. One day I will do it

(Burpees suck, but MAN do they tone your core!) BURPEE WORKOUT 10 Burpees 1 Squat 9 Burpees 2 Squats 8 Burpees 3 Squats 7 Burpees 4 Squats 6 Burpees 5 Squats 5 Burpees 6 Squats 4 Burpees 7 Squats 3 Burpees 8 Squats 2 Burpees 9 Squats 1 Burpee 10 Squats Rest 1 Minute. Repeat In Opposite Direction. Because burpees get it done. #Crossfit home edition #fitfluential

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Great shape.....struggle with implants....I was scheduled for surgery 2xs and backed out. My sis is big crossfit girl/coach,,,,,said something that made sense to me, and helped to make final decision. "You have an atheletic physique, and athletic women never have big boobs" Not all women who lift have that look of an athlete,,.,,,but this model does. Do the large boobs go with the athletes physique, or take away from it? What do you think??

CrossFit Tips for Beginners: I tried it for the first time the other day and loved it. The coach was great, there was no screaming and everyone scaled the workouts.

Workout of the Day (WOD) - Crossfit Interbay | Crossfit Seattle Gym near Magnolia, Queen Anne, and Ballard

These seven days of workout move combos, created by CrossFit coach Angela Salveo, will get your heart rate going, tighten and tone your body, and boost your confidence as you get ready to dress to impress.