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Crystal Light Containers

From Crystal Light. How to Beach-proof your belongings. Use an empty Crystal Light container

How to store your cables perfectly ordered…I did this but with crystal light plastic containers - they are see thru and you can write on them!! AWESOME!!

Crystal Light container in the swim/beach bag for phone or money, if keep the wrapper on, no one would know!

DIY duct tape ideas | ... charging station holder with duct tape and crystal light container

Ways to Repurpose Crystal Light Containers - Found this while I was looking for another pic. Originally posted by ruthmcole

Made my own Minion party favors using Crystal Light containers. For the 1st time I didn't find many ideas on Pinterest, so I took matters into my own hands! LOL

Santa gift favors, I knew I'd find a use for those Crystal Light containers! Used card stock and cotton balls. Filled with hot cocoa, marshmallows & candy cane

RECYCLED MARACAS: Make these recycled Maracas from Crystal Light containers.

Image detail for -Personalized Teacher Gift – {Recycled Crystal Light Container}

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. Upcycle Crystal Light containers filled with Jolly Ranchers.

First day teacher gift. I've been looking for a way to reuse those nice plastic crystal light containers I keep saving. It was perfect for this teacher's first aid kit.

five4fivemeals - Frugality - Diaper Bag First Aid Kit in a Crystal Light Container

Sewing kit contains scissors, thread, ball of yarn, fabric patches, needles and safely pins securely pinned onto felt square and ziplock bag containing elastic, ribbon and buttons. All of this fits into a plastic Crystal Light drink container.

Crystal Light Lip Gloss~ Materials: Vaseline or Un-Petroleum Jelly Crystal Light (Cherry Pomegranate and Raspberry Lemonade) (Kool-Aid works great as well though it’s a bit more tart) a small container,a mixing tool. Fill the empty small container with your Un-Petroleum Jelly. Add the Crystal Light. Keep adding and stirring till you have your desired color. If you put it on right away it will be exfoliating. Wait an hour and the granules will dissolve.

Crystal Light containers become storage for pens!

Upcycle Crystal Light containers to hold cut-up vegetables. | 27 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

What to Make Out of Crystal Light Containers - The Crafty Blog Stalker. I especially like the block of cheese storage idea. I go through so many Ziploc bags storing open cheese.

felt play food for the kitchen

My small storage containers project (2 pringles cans, 2 crystal light containers, and 2 cashew cans).

Crystal Light containers become perfect size & shape for cucumber containers in the refrigerator!