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Cuticle Care

cuticle care... Good I hate when they cut my cuticles off at the salon

7 simple tips for a picture-perfect, longer-lasting nail polish finish - Take care (and use thin coats of polish) near the cuticles so that it doesn't pool (and end up with a lump around the bottom edge of your nails)... Read on: www.urbanewomen.c...

Cuticle Care - easy and effective! No need to cut dead cuticle skin off.

Trying this...but adding cuticle care!

Badger Cuticle Care - great cruelty free nail care option!

How to: Basic Nail & Cuticle Care Tutorial

Listerine and vinegar, foot soak, removes dry skin, softens cuticles, whitens nails, DIY, easy, foot care

Nail, Cuticle, and Hand Care

Pure Makeup: Badger Cuticle Care

The Essential Cuticle Care Guide: 3 easy steps to healthy cuticles

The many beauty uses of mini vaseline I keep in my purse for quick fixes: lip & skin care, tame eyebrows & flyaways, nail & cuticle care & much much more!

Listerine and vinegar, foot soak, removes dry skin, softens cuticles, whitens nails, DIY, easy, foot care

DIY Manicure and Nail Care Tips, includes recipes for a hand soak, cuticle softener and a nail whitener etc...

1. Trim your nails to the shortest possible length. 2.Remove the nail polish/base coat/top coat if you are wearing any. 3. Prepare a bowl with hot water. Fill a smaller bowl with acetone and place it into the first one 4. Dip your hands into the acetone and stay like this for about 20-25 minutes 5. Take your hands out and carefully peel off the acrylic nails. If it is not easy, don`t push it, but dip your hands into the acetone for a few more minutes. 6. When you remove the acrylic nails, you need to protect the natural ones. Apply some cuticle oil. 7. Acetone is not good for your skin, so apply some moisturizer to prevent it from getting dry. That`s it – this is the easiest and less damaging way to remove the acrylic nails. Don`t forget to take regular care of your hands and nails.

Don't give all your attention to your nails! Your cuticles need care too! Here's an EASY way to get healthy beautiful cuticles while you get your Beauty sleep! :)

Abella 4 Piece Manicure Set (Color Varies) by Abella. $4.99. Everything you need for pampering your little princess. Ideal as a party favor for a girls day spa themed party or sleepover. Professional quality four pc. manicure set. Assorted color - pink, blue or lavender - no color choice. Includes cuticle trimmer, nail file, fingernail clippers, nail brush. Four piece manicure set for girls, teens and women. Basic nail care essentials for maintaining healthy and beautif...

Natural Nail Care Recipes: How to make your own Cuticle Oil with homemade recipes... Cuticle Creams, homemade Cuticle Oil, natural cuticle care

I've never endorsed a product that is amazing as this stuff. It's a fabulous bath and body oil, cuticle conditioner and hair oil. The scent is amazing and, the best part....$1.97 at Wal-mart! You can find it in the ethnic hair care section. You will thank me.

8 Tips for Beautiful Hands - 1) use a milky hand wash; 2) never put your hands in hot or icy water; 3) lube up with oils; 4) learn proper cuticle care; 5) moisturize post-sanitizer; 6) protect with sunscreen; 7) try anti-aging face cream; 8) slather on a mask

loodie loodie loodie: Cuticle Care This is the most comprehensive site on nail care ever!!!

All Natural Homemade Hair Care Recipes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Serum, Hairspray, gel

Healthy Nails: Here are amazing nail care tips to try

DIY chalk hair: 1) get soft color pastels (not oil) from craft store. 2) apply conditioner to prime the hair cuticle. 3) rub color down in one direction. 4) Air dry 5) go over it w/an iron (curling or straight) to seal. 6) apply a bit of hairspray to further seal. * Stains (but washes out) Great Prom idea