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Decorated Crutches

Decorated my crutches with duct tape and crutch pads

If I ever break a leg...How to make using crutches fun - decorate crutches w/ colorful duct tape. If needed - use mini pillow pets as cushions on the arm pads. :)

Decorated cast and crutches. Chevron

I decorated my crutches!

Before and almost after crutches, for my moms broken ankle. Decorated crutches, with duct tape.

Decorated crutches! I have to be on crutches for 6 weeks so my BFF helped my make them fabulous! A great way to make lemonade from lemons!

Crutch in style! Easy DYI craft. Custom decorated crutches. You can get funky duct tape at Staples or Michael's. They come in a ton of different colors and patterns. You can get rhinestones at any craft store. For extra comfort and design appeal you can order nice padding in pretty much any color off of amazon.

Haha, a cute website for decorations for walking boots. I'll have to remember to check this out when I'm in my boot after crutches!

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I tell my patients to decorate their crutches and CAM boots all the time....

My daughters bag for the side of her crutch! A piece of felt folded in half & hot glued. Just add ribbon for the ties and decorate however you want!

Currently in the market for some awesome crutch decoration tips...

Decorated crutches with a bag to carry phone and money in.

Decorated Crutches with Duck tape... got to use them.. gonna do it in style! Lol I love that they are propped up next to the wine case....wonder if there is a connection there ha ha!

Just discovered she was marketed to encourage little girls with polio during the epidemic in the early 1950s…gives a whole other meaning to the crutches and the leg brace. Marybel could also be decorated with spots for measles and chickenpox and also had an extra splint for a broken arm with Johnson sticking plaster to bind up the splint. Quite a doll….

crutches upcycled into tripod lamp, home decor, lighting, repurposing upcycling

have any old wooden crutches, home decor, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, source

crutches upcycled into tripod lamp, home decor, lighting, repurposing upcycling

For tims wedding hahaha I will hopefully be off them by then!

Decorated crutches with duct tape and super glued bling, felt for the arm and hand holder for extra cushion.

Galaxy decorated crutches(:

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