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Decorated Crutches

Decorated Crutches... My daughter wanted her crutches made over since the were ugly..This is what we came up with.

Decorate crutches with patterned duct tape

Decorated crutches with a bag to carry phone and money in.

Decorated crutches!! Duct tape, ribbon and bejeweled

poor timmy............but suck it up

Fun, easy way to decorate crutches: Duct tape!

Haha, a cute website for decorations for walking boots. I'll have to remember to check this out when I'm in my boot after crutches!

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I decorated my crutches!

Crutch in style! Easy DYI craft. Custom decorated crutches. You can get funky duct tape at Staples or Michael's. They come in a ton of different colors and patterns. You can get rhinestones at any craft store. For extra comfort and design appeal you can order nice padding in pretty much any color off of amazon.

Duct tape to decorate crutches

I just made me some Leopard decorated crutches! Way cool!! Got to look stylish!!

Best idea for decorating crutches! All you need is duck tape, a roll of rhinestone tape, fabric scraps and ribbon.

Crutches decorated with duct tape, would want to do this if I got some

IMG 8142 533x800 Shelf from an old pair of Crutches in furniture diy with Shelf DIY Crutches

Decorated crutches! I used sequins and they are so sparkly!

Decorated crutches with duct tape! Love it!

Crutches decorated with duct tape

Decorated cast & crutches -- splatter painted :)

Decorated cast and crutches. Chevron