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Decorated Crutches

Decorated cast & crutches -- splatter painted :)

Decorated my crutches with duct tape and crutch pads

Decorate boring crutches with duct tape !

I'm totally decorating the new cast I get tomorrow morning. If I'm going to be on these crutches, I may as well look cute doing it!

Crutch in style! Easy DYI craft. Custom decorated crutches. You can get funky duct tape at Staples or Michael's. They come in a ton of different colors and patterns. You can get rhinestones at any craft store. For extra comfort and design appeal you can order nice padding in pretty much any color off of amazon.

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Decorated crutches. Simple and easy. Just choose your favorite duct tape pattern, get some scissors, and apply to crutches. Make sure you remove the hand grips before you begin.

Duct tape to decorate crutches

I tell my patients to decorate their crutches and CAM boots all the time....

If I ever break a leg...How to make using crutches fun - decorate crutches w/ colorful duct tape. If needed - use mini pillow pets as cushions on the arm pads. :)

Decorated crutches! Pipe cleaners and ribbon. Too cute! Made my 8 yr old feel a little better anyway! :)

Crutches ideas! Decorate your crutches with duck tape!

Best idea for decorating crutches! All you need is duck tape, a roll of rhinestone tape, fabric scraps and ribbon.

Decorative crutches(:

Decorated crutches with a bag to carry phone and money in.