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Small Bedroom Ideas How to Maximize the Space -site has been deleted. But I like this layout on the wall.

~ When you find a bad pin delete it or click the report pin button on the right. Pinterest will then block the pin. ~ ~ This quote courtesy of Pinstamatic (

Also, I have mentioned this before on a pin that I might have deleted; my name is Maddie and I keep the name Katherine to pay respect to the lovely girl before, you can still call me Katherine if you'd like, but for some people, you just might want to know, because I was chatting with my friends earlier and they thought I should mention it aha Im so sorry to cause so much confusion

I almost did not re-pin this picture, since I do no care for color pallettes (do not know how to delete the bottom), but the bird was so beautiful , I broke my rule.

Thank you for Pinning from this Board, I feel it is a reflection of my Home filled with Love and Care, just like my home I like my Visitors to Respect it. I can Respect if you do not like me , but that is what makes us all Unique:)))

YEP. Private boards. :) this made me laugh I think I have more on my private boards

PIN TO MOST POPULAR BOARD!! If SOPA gets passed, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc. Please help stop SOPA. Sign here: petitions.whiteho... #stopsopa #savetheinternet You could be jailed for making something that resembles a character. REPIN AND SIGN PLEASE D:

THE ARCHIVIST RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DELETE SUBMITTED PINS FROM THE ARCHIVE FOR ANY REASON. -- In order to maintain consistency in the Archives, please DO NOT SUBMIT: (a) Fanart without an attributable source; (b) Sexually explicit images/text; (c) Material that mocks/bashes fans; (d) Slash fanart.