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considering I have deleted and blocked you from everything else because of your stalking tendencies so why not stalk me on here too....freak!!

BOARD RULES: "SeW*CrOcHeT*KniT DIY GaLoRe" DIY Sew (hand/machine) quilt, crochet, knit, fabric crafts. ONLY PIN 5 THINGS at time-1 etsy or for sale pin per 5. Let 5 people pin before u pin again) PINS MUST LINK TO ORIGINAL SITE-no google, bing- only from flickr IF recipe/directions/link to. To be invited comment on my pins. Thanks! LeAnn~

Hey Everyone... Thank you to all my regular pinners for being loyal to pinning to my boards. Those of you that are not pinning... I will be deleting you to make room for others. I like to keep a few loyal pinners instead of ton's of people that don't pin anyways. So that being Said, If your name is removed that is why ! It isn't personal ...I just need loyal pinners ! .... Estelle...

Peek a boo! - I have removed you from my group board, Beautiful Elderly People because you have miss-pinned a lot of pictures and I am not happy having to delete 100 or so of you pins!

I pinned this here by mistake and came to the board to delete it, but I like it here! lol. DIY Tiki Bar Gallery

READ WHY PINTEREST DELETED ONE OF MY PINS by Michelle G. Held, June 19, 2013. For those who are concerned that Pinterest might delete a pin, a board, or even your whole account, try a free backup from - we've saved over 18 million pins so far!

Various wall decor - I will be pinning these separately and then delete/move the original - these super-long ones mess up the overall display and i don't care for a couple of these anyway.

Please stop. Had to delete a pin that when I looked the link used the "r" word. Stop using words that used to hurt my students and humans.

When you find a bad pin delete it or click the report pin button on the right. Pinterest will then block the pin.

So much to love about this!! *adding a self reminder not to delete this pin. Have to click on it to see the picture. It's a cool refinished cabinet.*

AWESOME tips for marriage! Pin now ... read later ... delete if not helpful.

If you've been hacked on pinterest here is how to delete a pin that had the edit button removed. This happened to me several months ago, good to know!

All Deleted Scenes From the Harry Potter Films in one glorious 1 hour 10 min video. It's like a 9th movie! <<<<Gotta watch this

Move Ahead Decks are an easy way to incorporate artic or phonology goals into classic or open ended games. FREE deck for final consonant deletion (minimal pairs) and a giveaway for a complete artic deck.

What to do About Deleted Pins on Pinterest -- new infographic from Pin4Ever! Protect your pins with regular backups, use Pin4Ever's "Find Deleted Pins" tool, and restore any missing pins in one easy step! Try Pin4Ever free for a week at

HOW TO DELETE SPAM ON PINTEREST. The worst part is that the hackers delete your boards to post their spam! Be ready for a possible spam attack: backup your pins with my company, Pin4Ever! Click the pin, and backup your Pinterest account FREE if you haven't done it yet!

Love this! (BTW-never delete a pin, even if it looks like you accidentally pinned it twice.)

How to delete a pin if you've been hacked.

swimming breast stroke - not my best stroke, a diagram of the stroke is great to have.

I have this no idea why this is so funny but i can't stop laughing at it