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It was a re-pinning rampage where I experienced a strange hypnotic state. I was not in the Twilight Zone but in the Pinterest Zone where something took over my mind and my mouse!! :)

We recently received reports saying something on your Pinterest profile goes against our policies. We don’t allow things that are inappropriate for the general public, like sexually explicit pins, anywhere on Pinterest. We do allow works of art and educational pins, like you might see in a museum or classroom. Could you please delete any pins or boards that go against our policies? Or if you were reported by mistake, we're really sorry—please ignore this message.

Nine/Rose GIF: I've pinned it before, but not in black and white! Besides, I've got more to say. Look at the desperation in that hug- the way she's not expecting it but accepts it anyway as he buries his head against her shoulder and drags her close to assure himself that she's alive. I'm still not alright with this deletion, but after a hug like that, I guess it WOULD be hard to imagine a platonic story line of any sort ever again- not that they were ever quite platonic in the first place.

Haha I'm specifically pinning this because of a certain someone who follows me on pinterest still yet deleted me from Facebook their certain sibling blocked me on Facebook. I find it quite humorous :) Man I'm gonna cry tonight pshh.

Annonyomous user complaint: Pinterest is not making enough changes quick enough for the demands, but because they're being talked about more in the media, hope they can really change the way we can move more than one pin at a time, need to move by just a check mark by the pin and as many as we want should move or delete or add, I feel like a cave man with this old pac man technology here.

Combine a pair of matching bookshelves with a tabletop or slab of laminate countertop to create a full-service laundry center in minutes. If necessary, screw decorative feet into the bookcase to ensure that they're approximately half an inch taller than your appliances. (Now I can delete the pin that had a spammy link!)

HOW TO REMOVE SPAM FROM PINTEREST “It seems that the pin is not deletable, but there is a way to remove it. Open the pin, type “edit” after the end of the pin URL (e.g., and it will take you to the pin edit page. You can delete it from there.”

I know nothing about this guy other than that he looks hot. That's currently enough for me to repin but if I found out he's a jerk, I'm deleting this pin. (I'm clarifying this because I don't want anyone to think I only like looks because that is far from the truth. I can merely appreciate good looks more than most)

EVERYBODY!!!!! Follow the board: "My Cars". I am deleting this board and starting a new one called "My Cars" it will be the same cars, same everything but improved slightly. Very important if you want to continue receiving beautiful car pictures. Click Through To See My Daily Top 10 Pins!

Please invite me to a 5sos board! The owner of the one i was on deleted it and 1000+ of my pins r gone!!!!!

BEGINNING SEWING SUPPLY LIST a previous pin no longer exists so I've deleted it replaced it with this link by the previous author. Also have pinned the amended 'sewing tips for beginners'

Anybody who is NOT posting fashion and/or is selling their items on this board will be removed within a day. I keep track with everything that is posted on this board and if there are pictures that have nothing to do with fashion and/or the pinned is selling their items, once again you will be removed even if you delete the pin. Thanks (:

I've heard these are the best sugar cookies it a shot today. I'll delet the Pin if I don't like them! Either way, this site seems to have lots of great recipes! Sugar Cookies | Our Best Bites

The festival is over and we have been given a rainbow. Ginger thank you for letting us take the board in this direction temporarily. I think it can go back to normal now. Ladies, you can delete the pins you pinned as I can't on my end. Thanks to all of you. God bless.

chocolate zucchini bread/brownies (for the zucchini my neighbor just gave me). Made 3 of these and just tried a piece - SOOOOO delicious!! Will definitely be making this recipe over and over again! Just deleted the other chocolate zucchini bread recipe I pinned because there's no way it's better than this!

Delete this pin after you see it- the photo is not pretty enough for this board! I thought it was a cute idea though :) Pool party in August! Bah! I'm so jealous right now!!! Sand Cups: Beach or Pool Party Treats --cute kids snack, or even adult jello shots/cup version

When you find a bad pin delete it or click the report pin button on the right. Pinterest will then block the pin. ~ ~ This quote courtesy of Pinstamatic (

You know I often wonder if Sherlock can truly delete anything from his mind? I mean he can put into a space in his mind palace and what? Call it, "Facts that do not matter and are not entirely relevant to my work."

I would have to agree on this one.... I repin things and the text is so beautiful I leave it. But! I credit the writer of those words. Please, delete my text, or credit me. Thank you!(:

She has an amazing blog for outfits! This pin will link you to a deleted page, but it will still link you to her blog! Seams for a desire!

Hey Everyone... Thank you to all my regular pinners for being loyal to pinning to my boards. Those of you that are not pinning... I will be deleting you to make room for others. I like to keep a few loyal pinners instead of ton's of people that don't pin anyways. So that being Said, If your name is removed that is why ! It isn't personal ...I just need loyal pinners ! .... Estelle...

Using wine corks for crafts??? Soak corks in hot water for 10 minutes before cutting them for crafts–they won't crumble. THE ORIGINAL PICTURE and LINK FOR THIS INFO got deleted for I found a nice site with info about corks and some cork crafts that lets you pin their pictures ... c