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Sounds silly but I'm going to miss saying tschuss (bye) or danke schoen (thank you). I'm gonna miss hearing and saying guten tag or guten morgen (good day and good morning). Technically, I guess I could still say it in the states but I'd get some funny looks LOL

Article from The Economist: Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? How linguistic variations affect where Germans choose to live // Finds that migrants respond to cultural factors more than to social ties.

Question Words in German and English - Deutsche und englische Fragewörter//* NOTE...MIT WEM = WITH WHOM, not who with!!

Male, female and neuter nouns based on specific rules, such as word endings

Das Leben ist Schön - 8 x 10. $16.50, via Etsy.

German - WIeviel Uhr ist es? This is a visual to tell time in German. A clock is displayed and for every five minutes, there is a caption to the side with the written German term. Teachers could hang this poster in their classroom and help students learn the vocabulary regarding to telling time in German.- Lauren Davy

Wortschatz - Gefühle/Stimmungen (German vocabulary feelings, moods), used it as memory game in class

German Vocabulary Words for Emotions and Feelings - Learn German

Deutsche und #Englische_Präpositionen - German and #English_prepositions

Der die das. HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE: it should be DER Reichtum, not das!

Getränke für Deutsch 2 listen voc. food. www.deutschakadem...

.All your fruits and veggies on one easy chart! Repinned by

Verben auf Deutsch - Verbos en alemán. Lern Deutsch - Aprender Alemán - Learn German

Die farben auf Deutsch - Los Colores en alemán. Lern Deutsch - Aprender Alemán - Learn German

Brotsorten in Deutschland- breads of Germany...No wonder my German exchange student was disappointed with American breads.

Die Tiere auf Deutsch - Los animales en alemán. Lern Deutsch - Aprender Alemán - Learn German

reflexive verbs in German - Deutsch

DAS HAUS: Ein Beispiel aus der Web-Seite, wo man superschöne Arbeitsblätter für DaF Unterricht finden kann

Infografik: Die deutsche Küche im Überblick | TAGESTEXTE.DE

Don't understand Das Perfekt perfectly? Find your best German tutor at

HA...translation for you non-German speakers (if you can't get it from the context): Please use your brain.