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Make your own dinosaur eggs with just a few ingredients and your favorite little plastic dinosaurs. You preschooler will love creating the eggs and then cracking them open a few days later. The recipe included in the instructions makes approx. 10-12 smaller eggs. In this kit you will have remaining materials to make additional eggs. ∙ CLICK TO CUSTOMIZE AND ORDER ∙

This simple, no cook dough will keep your children busy for hours. The children I work with call it fossil dough because of the texture and it’s ability to make wonderful imprints of their dinosaurs. (good for my Toob dinosaur skulls)

Easy Toddler Dinosaur Craft- Isaac would love these. Must remember for the next time the cousins stay.

Free Busy Bag Printables with suggestion cards on how to use them -

easy. just print, a little cutting, and laminate. What a fun way to teach shapes and get boys interested!

Dino Dig! Freeze dinosaur figurines in ice cubes/cups and have kids "excavate" them using plastic utensils and hot water. My kids at home preschool loved it when we learned about the letter D!

Living/non-living things Dinosaurs were living but now they are extinct. Video to explain living or non-living things

Free Farm Pack. Over 30 pages of activities ranging in ages 2 to 7. Made for the book Hogwash, but can be used with any farm activities from

White crayon dinosaur art. outline the template and let the kids be archaeologists and uncover the bones by water color painting

Preschool Themes, book lists for many popular preschool themes (shapes, colors, me and my family, beach, animals, gardens, dinosaurs, friendship, community helpers, and more).

In Adobe, boh girls love it w magnetic pom poms and w bingo markers. Could also do stickers. Fine motor 2012.

Lots of Dinosaur ideas for a preschool theme!

How many shoes does it take to fill a dinosaur foot print? & read"Prehistoric Actual Size" by Steve Jenkins-give to Frances and Karen

5 Ways to Create Your Own Amazing Dinosaur Dig -- fun ways to explore some hands-on science!

Several 1-week-long lesson plans for toddlers (farm, bugs, dinosaurs, etc.)

Might try this next week with the first graders. We have a paleontologist coming next week to talk to the kids.

Dandelions on the Wall: Homeschool: The Letter D {crafts, preschool, toddler activities, dinosaur, dandelion, donkey, D is for...}