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WHEN your kids ARGUE…what do you do? Here are some GREAT tips to help you! Get Along Jar: Creative Discipline to Combat Sibling Bickering by Heather Riggleman at @The M.O.M. Initiative

Teaching and disciplining a child is never easy, but when it’s done calmly and with love it is much more effective and will likely strengthen your relationship. "Why Your Kids Aren't Listening to You"

7 Simple Ways To Discipline Your Kid

How to Make Edible Paint! A fun Indoor Craft Activity for Kids. #craft #kids

Positive Discipline: Control Your Behavior- I take mommy time outs whenever I need them and my kids know that I need it to regroup and try again. Also, I always have modeled genuine apology when I make mistakes and leave my rational brain- it happens to us all!

How To Become a Morning Person: A Case for Getting Up Early...I am sooooo not a morning person but I'm sure I could use this discipline and will need it once I have kids!

How to discipline kids when you want to reach their hearts. This whole blog is great, I'm saving it for future reference.

10 quirky discipline rules that work.. Maybe one of the most poignant things I've read on Pinterest.. Wish I could frame this for when I have kids

Parenting your strong willed child...some lovely ideas

This is a fun idea. Put a twist on grounding the kids! We need to discipline...might as well think outside the box!

Positive Discipline: Sibling Fights: Putting Kids in the Same Boat

such a great alternative to kids sitting around doing nothing while grounded. would change/add a few things, but a really great idea!

AWESOME and SIMPLE discipline system for young kids! Country Charm: Our Discipline System

How to get kids to listen without YELLING! FREE live Webinars. Learn skills you can use that same day!

Quirky Discipline Rules That Work. I LOVE the 8pm Rule. Who am I kidding, I love them all. Some of these can be used in the classroom as well.

Conflict resolution is an important behavior skill kids need to learn early to reduce sibling rivalry. This agreement helps outline what sibling behavior is acceptable, and most importantly what consequences a child can expect if they break the agreement and use poor behavior. If a child violates this agreement, the discipline for this child may involve kids agreeing do the chores of another sibling, receive a sibling’s allowance, or even clean their room.

Teaching kids to site still in church - and other situations. It makes so much sense. My mom did all these things with us, and we had little to no problems sitting through church. This is an amazing blog/post. Good advice. Other links on discipline are good too.

7 Secrets to Self-Disciplined Kids. "Ironically, spoiled children are not happy; self-disciplined children often are!"

Expose your kids to chores at a young age to instill the idea of discipline.

An easy to understand "If-Then Chart" helps keep discipline consistent with the kids.

5 Simple Steps on How to Raise a Child While Disciplining Less by thechildwhisperer via livingrichlyonabudget #Kids #Raising_Children by Sandra 07

Books for kids about appropriate touch, safety, and sexual abuse from Pragmatic Mom. Along with reading about personal safety and talking with your children, use the Conscious Discipline tool of teaching them their "Big Voice" as featured in Dr. Bailey's book, Shubert's Big Voice. Statistics have shown that children who speak up are less vulnerable to many kinds of maltreatment. #iheartcd

Are you at your wit's end about disciplining your toddlers and kids? See if you are implementing this parenting secret!

Thought this was interesting though I don't have kids. This could help in disciplining toddlers