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Disney Cartoons

Sexy Disney Cartoon Chess game - ♋ ♋#Sexy-Disney

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What if the X-Men were a Disney cartoon? This should happen, but WHERE IS CYCLOPS??

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Captain Hook- Disney cartoon, not OUAT

Walt Disney Cartoons - Mickey Mouse - Pluto's ChristmasTree

From the Disney Museum: Jars of paint used in Disney cartoons. - Before computer animation color numbers....

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Disney cartoon quote 2014

Disney princess mucha inspired

Which Classic Disney Cartoon Character Are You? You got: Dale Walt Disney Pictures / Via You’re lighthearted and playful, always down to have a good time. The world is your playground. Keep on having fun!

Which Classic Disney Cartoon Character Are You? You got: Classic Mickey Mouse You’re the original, the first, a trendsetter, if you will! Everyone else is really just a copycat, but that doesn’t bother you. When you are as cool and classic as you are, you just have to keep doing your thing.

non disney cartoon movies: Anastasia, Thumbelina, The Swan Princess, and Quest for Camelot

  • Brandi DeAngelo

    One time my science teacher was talking about Russia and Anastasia's family being killed, and our class told him there was an actual Anastasia movie technically about it. He got so confused and thought there was blood and gore since Anastasia's family was killed in real life.

  • Nicole

    My favorite non disney animated movie is the road to el dorado! That's the best movie ever

  • Ginny Weasley

    I just watched Anastasia again last night it's such a great movie

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When there's trouble, you call DW. Darkwing Duck! (Let's get dangerous...) #cartoon #disney

Which Classic Disney Cartoon Character Are You.... You got Pluto! You're a loyal friend and everyone's best buddy! Continue to be the amazing friend that you are because people trust you. Woof!

  • Me Me Me

    i got dale from chip and dale i love them there so cute