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Disney Cartoons

Disney Princess Ballerina Clip Art | Disney Princesses - Disney And Cartoon Christmas Clip Art Images

Aurora Cartoon Character | The Disney princesses! Popular movie characters brought to life in ...

YAY DISNEY! World renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz has been capturing shots of celebrities as popular Disney characters for years, as part of her ongoing collection of Disney Dream Portraits. Leibovitz's series takes beloved cartoon characters from the classic Disney films and transforms them into live-action versions of themselves with the help of a few celebrities.

Tattoo artist, Timothy John Shumate, of DeviantARTist Telegrafix, whipped up these illustrations of cartoon characters with tattoos to give us a glimpse of what the characters might look like if they were ink-obsessed.

Hilariously morbid detail in Disney’s old “Three Little Pigs” cartoon

".....Feel the wind calling me. For the first time ever I'm completely free!" :)

disney_pocs | Original [The] Frog Princess Concept Art for Tiana (Maddy) + Mulan Concept Art

LOVED all the old Disney cartoons that the Disney channel used to show.

Sci-Fi Royal Cartoons - The Star Wars Disney Princess Project Turns Them into Jedis and Siths (GALLERY)

New 3D Lovely Cute Disney Cartoon Silicone Soft Case for iPhone 4 4S 5 5S | eBay

. Lilo and Stitch. The Original “Body Positive” Disney Cartoon. I love how Nani wasn’t stick thin like the rest of disney girls. Love this movie (via imgTumble)

cartoons walt disney

...Disney cartoons played the best music.....sweet memories

Artist Michael Stapler is intrigued by pop culture. His art is nostalgic whimsical cartoon art is influenced by the Looney Tunes, Disney Characters and others … Take a look: www.michaelstaple... - Famous+Cartoon+Characters | World Famous Cartoons Characters Collections

1950 Vintage Advert for Disney's cartoon film 'Cinderella' for Life magazine

Voices of the Disney Princes. Somebody needs to add Hans (Santino Fontana) and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff).