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true story time: i went on (ONE) date w a guy who told me gay marriage was ruining the sanctity of marriage. meanwhile he and I were both DIVORCED. My response: "I think us heteros have pretty much fucked it up already." ps-Rara set me up with him...thanks Ra

  • Erika Fuery-Caspoli

    You can't legislate morality.

  • Jade R

    Go @Marlena and @Lauren! Very powerful speech, Lauren.

  • Marlena Nunnya

    I don't think anything pertaining to adult relationships should be illegal. It's none of anyone's business. You want 6 wives? Have at it! 16 husbands? Get it! Divorce? Sure, if that’s what’s best for you. Cheat? Earn the consequences and lessons. The Earth is 4.54 billion years old, humans are 200,000 years old...I'm certain The Universe doesn't take the 1,700 year old Bible into account with its 'traditional' definition of marriage - which includes rape, incest and adultery.

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++++++++++++++++Ex-Dad Definition:+divorced+man+ who+blames+his+ex-wife for+all+his+mistakes,+ shorfalls,+unkept+promises while+being+an+absent+ selfish+father!!

You're getting married before 25? You're getting divorced before 30. #divorce #trashthedress

2013_08_25 I am very grateful that divorce is an option. While I would rather have stayed married if it was at all possible, I am so relieved that there is a way to remedy a bad marriage and that I exercised that option. Being a single parent is a lot of work, but still a better situation for everyone.

funny how that works!! i lost 106 lbs. after i got divorced...and when i ran in to my ex and his new wife...she whispered.....i thought you said she was FAT!! bwahahaha!

Divorce in today's society is too accepted. It should not be this understood, because of the lives it affects. In order to stop this children need to be educated on what a marriage means.

Funny quotes signs about love from the author of 199 Ways To Improve Your Relationships, Marriage, and Sex Life - check my website for lots more funny stuff lbsommer-author.y... #ex #divorce

#divorce life after with your humor in tact, again!

I think this is the stupidest thing that Willie Nelson ever said!

Inspirational divorce quote from Willy Wonka. Trash The Dress!

Lol pretty much. Lets see if u understand this... he knows he can see maddox anytime. And I left because I was over the drama, and I liked the name we had picked out. Maddox was a last minute thing. And there won't be a need for a divorce. And u might be there now but its not gonna last long sweetheart. :-D

All congrats to myself! 5-6-13 fully divorced!!!!! Yes!!!!!!! Its about time!!! :-D

I hope to have a marriage like this. Can't remember if priorly pinned.

The D word is something we try not to say around our home.....

Divorce, The end of an error....Funny Car Decal Window Laptop Stickers. $4.00, via Etsy.

Not that I would ever be jealous of my ex, but this is funny! Funny divorce photos | Funny Divorce Letter

Divorce... very true.

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Gerry "I do love you for the asshole that your are and that's why I'll divorce you." Thanks babe

"My wife Mary and I have been married for 47 years and not once have we had an argument serious enough to consider divorce; murder, yet, but divorce, never." LOL.

Terri vs the Antis and guess what? You don't matter and more importantly, your ignorance of the facts by attacking her appearance demonstrate you really, REALLY don't know what is going on in the divorce case. Buy a vowel ffs

I would die...single mom of 2 and divorced 3 times and on food stamps!!! And known as the town "WHORE TO STAY AWAY FROM BECAUSE THAT BITCH IS CRAZY"

Exactly my thoughts! Wonder how many split ups/divorces have or will occur due to technology! #peoplethatstray