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My little dog loves crafting with me... well being in the same room, I would love an addition like this for him!

DIY No-Sew Crop Top Creative idea, need to do this to turn old t-shirts into workout tops!

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Para traer a la mesa los cubiertos evitando: pincharte o que se caigan por el suelo! #DIY

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DIY Pallet! Makes a great wall feature in any room and so easy to change out decor for a new look!

DIY shorts - just take a sharpie to them! It would be fun to experiment with floral patterns or smaller geometric detailing ...

  • Latonya Weaver

    Does the sharpie rub off on anything that you sit on? Or if you wash them?

Lovely DIY picture frame shelves - Top 60 Furniture Makeover DIY Projects and Negotiation Secrets ...

  • Claudia Rosenburg

    I have never thought of using picture frames to decorate the edges of shelves on the wall. I actually really love the look of this. The only thing I don't like is that you can see the edges of the wood shelf on the sides. However, I think the look itself is fun and an interesting way to decorate. http://www.prestigepicturef...

DIY holder. Uses just tooth-pick, card board, some sew string and decorating elements. An easy way to made a nice holder for your table or other usages purpose. =)

  • Felicia Hardy

    Very, very clever idea. This is why pinterest exists!

  • K e e l e y S c h a f f e r

    Or you could cut the one end of the tooth pick then glue it down Angelica beddard

  • Amy DiYorio

    adding a line of hot glue around the edge and sticking the toothpicks in while it is drying might work.

  • Angelica Beddard

    This looked so fun I bought all kinds of things to make these and I can't get my tooth picks to stay put, I think you have to use some glue.

Cover short with lace to make it look like a lace miniskirt with no risk to show anything you don't want to :)

Make Your Own Dry Shampoo - 40 DIY Beauty Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

  • Miranda Gilbert

    baby powder works great, just be sure to brush it all out or get a damp cloth and pat it a little. They make scented baby/body powders now, so you can smell great too :)

  • Happyfamily Paglialunga

    you can add cocoa powder for brown hair :)

  • Sophia

    plz follow

  • Cheryl Lynn :)

    Fyi.. at a local beauty store lady sd put a lil baby powder in your hair for dry shampoo

  • Sam Walkowski

    You rub it in or brush it til oil from hair is absorbed and you don't see white any more.

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Quickie tutorial on how to create a four generation photo of your own! So easy you will laugh!

This Recycled Tire Table | 29 Insanely Cool Backyard Furniture DIYs

  • Louise Laprade

    I have to admit that you did an AMAZING job on that patio. Did you use the spray Krylon for plastic to paint the tires?

Bored? You can make giant, stretchy, REUSABLE bubbles that had our entire family giggling for hours! #diykids

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DIY Summer Hammock- no idea where you would hang something like this, but awesome nonetheless!

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old shoes DIY good idea but wouldn't craft paint be better?

  • Michelina Horen

    Outdoor paint mixed with a little glue will stick and stay on. Make sure you put so no-slip grips on the toes of the shoes so you get some traction though. Otherwise you'll fall.

  • Julie McNeese

    Epoxy seems like a good idea, especially if you could mix something into it to help with grip. Plain epoxy seems like it would be slippery.

  • Victoria Whillier

    Epoxy is the way to go I think.

  • Trisha Garza

    That's what I would be worried about is scuffing the floors with the color and slipping

  • Julie McNeese

    I think you'd need outdoor paint. Wouldn't the basic acrylic craft paint wear right off, especially in any small amount of water? Besides, the outdoor craft paint dries super fast! :)

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