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Doctor Who Tattoos

There are Dr. Who tattoos, then there are full-sleeve full-color holy-amazeballs-look-at-that-intricate-detail Dr. Who tattoos!

I ♥ ♥ doctor who!!! you only know what this means if your a doctor who fan!!wouldwould know, my doctor who friend @Katie Flores

Doctor Who tattoo.

Doctor Who tattoo #TARDIS #DoctorWho #Whovian by Drea Durazo at Fighting 4 Dreams tattoo in Riverside Ca

this would be awesome with the rest of it done in blacklight white ink

This would be an awesome Doctor Who tattoo.

Tattoo Illustration, Pocket Watch, Time, Gears, Clock, Rose, Drawing, Pencil, Leaves Also, because Doctor Who

Doctor Who tattoo! I'd get it in black though (:

doctor who tattoos - the silence: have recently wanted this. simple tattoo but dedicated fan none-the-less. yay.

  • kalina barneva

    Oh this is do doctor who? I thought it meant this was a doctors tattoo and he added a tally for every death he witnessed or something

  • Anna Gibbs

    when did you start watching dr who?

This, LOZ fairies on the inside of my wrist, then forearm would be Calvin and Hobbes then upper arm would be Doctor Who themed.

Tattoo Design: lips - tattoo with the words "muah, muah" next to it. :)

I love this dr.who 11th doctor tattoo

Bad wolf tattoo - Doctor Who. love the font! i really want this!!! (maybe different placement tho)


beetle tattoo, i would do it on the back of my neck like the beetle Donna had in Doctor Who. To remind me that every choice I make effects my future! Maybe I could be a time-lord too!?

Doctor Who Knuckle Tattoos

Doctor Who tattoo idea. "Hello Sweetie" in circular Galifreyan.

This combines Doctor Who AND books! Score!! ... 50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos - BuzzFeed

Doctor Who in Starry Night | 39 Tattoos That Are Basically Works Of Art--- Don't like the name, most if not all tattoos are works of art, but all of these are pretty nifty.

50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos I would just want the hearts, but on my back, with color!