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Doctor Who Tattoos

"Don't blink, just like that: you're six years old and you take a nap, and you wake up when you're 25 your high school sweetheart becomes your wife"

Doctor Who Tattoo. Oh child of Galifrey.

I'm not a huge fan of the water color tattoos, but this one is alright. Done at Art Junkies in Hesperia CA by artist Brent Olson. Watercolor Tardis and circular Galifreyan reads “Gallifrey falls no more” inspired by the 50th anniversary special

Combination of The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (42), the Lord of the Rings: The One Ring script, and Doctor Who’s Time Lord Seal.

My daughter drew this earlier this year as a tattoo idea for the ubergeek inside. It covers: Doctor Who, Stargate, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games....for me I'd switch out Stargate for Firefly.

From the tattooed: "My first tattoo: a quote from an episode of Doctor Who that I found incredibly appropriate given my ambitions of being a writer. It's written in the font that Harry Potter was published in. I can't ever lay eyes on it, except in reflections and pictures, but I know it's there and it serves as a reminder that life is short, so we need to make our stories good ones." LOVE.

Alien tribal. WOW! Chris wants a crop circle - this may be close to what it will turn out like! Absolutely love it!

Tiny Tardis temporary tattoo Doctor Who by geekinkdesigns on Etsy

Every fandom logo. I feel a tattoo coming on :) m/

This is the start to a wonderfully nerdy tattoo. I've been trying to think of what tattoo I would get to represent my love for doctor who, and this gave me an idea. This sort of design with the doctors fob watch.

Amazing Galifreyan tattoo! This is what I want next! Cool design but not obviously Doctor Who except to Whovians.

Doctor Who quote tattoo

Doctor Who tattoo flash... This as a whole would be an awesome tattoo...<---I agree. This would a great piece all together.

I'm thinking this on the back of my wrist (where a watch would go), LOZ fairies on the inside of my wrist, then forearm would be Calvin and Hobbes then upper arm would be Doctor Who themed. Hmm need to sneak in some Firefly, Sherlock, LOTR, and HP too though, shit

"colored geometric tattoo" haha it's actually gallifreyan! From doctor who(: the language really is gorgeous though

Community Post: 50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos I personally prefer Geronimo! but Allons-Y is still awesome

Harry potter tattoo-OMG this is what I want except for different fandoms in the boxes- Who, Torchwood, Percy Jackson, Eragon.

Doctor who tattoo..... would switch out one of the cyberman heads for the silence though