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Dog Fence

Privacy Fence Names- a privacy fence is a must in my eyes! Tired of seeing the neighbors junk, kids being able to mess with my dog as they walk by and other dogs being able to jump our currently tiny fence. AGH, IN TOWN LIVING, YUCK!

Recycling ideas DIY plant shelves for a garden fence. Good idea if you have dogs that like to dig in your plants!

DIY Concrete Landscape Edging Tutorial - So cheap & easy. Maybe try around fence edge to keep the dogs from digging out?

Pallet slipped over fenceposts for quick fencing - maybe this will block the view of the dog next door that barks at EVERYTHING!!

How to Build a Tree Bench. // For the front yard tree where nothing grows under it. Maybe discourage neighborhood cats from using it as a little box.

Trees along a fence area may prevent dog/gopher digging. Would have to research appropriate plants (lilies vs. gophers)

$9.00-$19.99 Liquid Fence 129 Dog and Cat Repellent, 1-Quart Ready to Use - Liquid Fence Dog and Cat Repellent keeps pets and strays away from areas they don't belong – lawns, flower beds and garden areas. Trees, shrubs and trash containers become spots to avoid – not visit. Use it as a safe and effective training aid. Made from all natural plant oils, it's biodegradable.

hog wire fence and gate-might be a good way to keep the dogs in without the look of a traditional fence in the backyard

Great fence for dogs! Paint or stain for a more finished look. Pallet garden - love it! Or use as an enclosure for smaller livestock or pets.

Garden Shed from Three Dogs in a Garden ... CHECK OUT the colourful doors to serve as a fence

DIY dog fence for cheap. Great if you can't dig holes for posts. We took pallets, and cut notches so they could fit together. Then set them in a zigzag pattern with a piece of wire to tie them together. Set the end boards at an angle to a wall so they can't push out, but you can easily pull it open (picture 3). If need extra reinforcement, it is easy to cut out a brace to screw into a wall (picture 4).

Dog-proof veggie garden! I want to do this..

wishing well plans - I've made 2 of these with no prior plans - they look great! project using cedar dog eared fence slats (Cheap)

Garden Gate by Tracie_Conner...I like the bottom (you could still pet the dog) the top could be as tall as the fence and then add a second window shutter that latches so the dog won't jump over.

watering troughs used as raised planters. my uncle makes huge raised garden beds out of scrap road guards!

great backyard garden-ideal for my dogs (or if you have animals) well small ones my lab can jump over this fence LOL

I love the idea of having a garden separate from your backyard. Build a cute little fence with a gate and keep the dogs/kids out!

Awesome!! Pallets slipped over fence posts for a quick and cheap fence, could use for making dog kennels or just as a neat fence

DIY Raised Garden Bed Easy & cheap way to keep animals such as cats & dogs from going into your garden. If you have multiple raised beds, you can use this fencing all around the perimiter of your garden instead of using it on each one.

Pallets slid over fence post. Cheap, sturdy and usually pallets are free for the taking. :) Hugs, Linda :)

Cottage style courtyard garden with white picket fence. I want this for my little dog yard.