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Dog Fence

Garden fence to keep the dogs out, which is a nice idea, but this is too short! On the other hand, the colors are fab!

I think a shorter version of this would be great to either keep our dogs in one area of the back yard, or to provide a separate area for Madelyn and other kids to play. The entire yard is already entirely fenced in via chain link, but I think I need to take a divide and conquer approach!

Awesome!! Pallets slipped over fence posts for a quick and cheap fence, could use for making dog kennels or just as a neat fence

Freestanding fence corner focal point Maybe I should do this around my utility pole to keep all the Haymount dogs from making their mark on my pole/grass!!

dog run? Love this fence for back yard / garden separation. Separate area for Shiloh to poop and not worrying about kids playing or stepping in grass

Turn old shutters into a privacy fence, hmmm, now I need to find someone with old shutters and maybe we can sit on the patio without the neighbors dog barking non-stop...

Keep water from collecting along your narrow side yard by forcing it out with a dry stream bed. Plus, it makes an attractive landscape feature in dry weather.