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Domestic Violence Tattoo

Domestic Violence Awareness Tattoo Note: I'm not real big on Tattoos but if I were to get one it would be something empowering like this!

Domestic Violence Tattoo I would really love to get!!!

This is my domestic violence survivor tattoo...the swish is supposed to be purple but is pretty fresh. survivor tattoo. domestic violence tattoo. anchor tattoo. infinity symbol tattoo.

100 Pack Purple Ribbon Cancer/Domestic Violence/Lupus/Alzheimers Awareness Temporary Tattoo Tattoos, $6.99

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My first tattoo. A purple ribbon for my experience with Domestic Violence in my first marriage.

my forearm tattoo for domestic violence, im getting one on the opposite arm that will say hope with a blue ribbon for child abuse.

Strength tattoo. I love the placement. (coming back stronger than ever against domestic violence and standing on my own two feet)

I finally found something worth putting next to my tattoo "what didnt kill me made me stronger" i think this is it! Or at least something like this!(:

Done at Shocker Tattoo in Albany by Ree, the colors in the ribbon are teal and purple teal for sexual abuse awareness and purple for eating disorders and domestic violence awareness .this piece is on the top of my rib cage

Domestic Violence Ribbon Butterfly Tattoo | Tattoos, pancreatic Tattoos, cancer Tattoos, domestic-violence Tattoos ...

Looking for a purple ribbon tattoo idea for domestic violence awareness,.

An Albuquerque tattoo-removal specialist named Dawn Maestas does complimentary work on women who have been inked with momentos from abusive relationships. She tells NPR's StoryCorps that she recently removed tattoos from a woman whose abuser forcibly branded his own name all over her body. A survivor of domestic violence herself, Maestas says she's just trying to help fellow victims get back on their feet

ribbon tattoo for cancer.... I'd like something similar in Purple for Domestic Violence.

This tattoo is very important to me. I got this tattoo as part of the Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence survivor ink campaign. July 5, 2013 is the day I broke my silence. I told my boss that...

My sister was murdered on 8/6/13 by her husband. I got this domestic violence awareness tattoo in her honor on 8/17/13!

Next tattoo with added domestic violence ribbon behind the word

My domestic violence tattoo

But with a purple Ribbon for domestic violence / Tinkerbell Tattoo

my newest tattoo. She represents me & a very tender part of my past. A phoenix bird represents not only a rising, but peace & self-harmony. A lavender ribbon for domestic violence awareness. Having this tattoo will remind me everyday of how strong I am. I know I can survive anything.

this is my tattoo. it's domestic violence awareness ribbon (purple) with the lyrics to "facedown", by red jumpsuit apparatus-- "a new life she has found". my mom got the same one with me; us both being survivors, it means alot. MARCH 2012


Thinking of a fibro tattoo...

My Domestic Violence Tattoo in memory of Larsen Hunt 1985 - 2010 and to always remind me of how easily it could have happened to me. So thankful I made it out alive w/ my daughter.

she taught me how to fly when I forgot I had next tattoo to celebrate my 8th anniversary of being free from domestic violence October 7th, 2 days before my birthday.