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Double Nose Piercing

Double nose piercing

In l♥ve with this piercing. I want this, double nose rings on one side, and some small tunnels. 2 more years and my mom can't stop me. (-;

double nose piercing with steel studs :)

Love the double nose piercing. AND THAT LIP COLOR!! va va voom

Double nose piercing. I am not totally sure if I would ever get a double noise piercing but this one is super cute.

Double nose piercing, double the Pinky pain!

Loving this double nose piercing, maybe once my first one heals...

Double nose piercing. This is so awesome n a double nose piercing sounds n looks cool.

I LOVE this double nose piercing. I have never thought of that, but it looks great!

double pierced nose and tongue, black lipstick

  • Susan Deveaux

    When chewing, your tongue pushes food from side to side, banging those tongue studs, will sooner...THAN later, will fracture, and cause broken teeth..foolish fashion statement

  • Krystal Lee

    I had a tongue ring and the metal ball chipped by front teeth. The plastic ones are ok though

  • Susan Deveaux

    Get ready to break some statement or not...count on it !!

Double nose piercing Gaudy jewlry like this is a sure way for infection. I have had a double nose for years, I wear tiny diamonds, hoops, or smallest nose bone balls I can get. I get tons of questions and compliments, without all the gaudy stuff

i didn't even realize double nose piercing like this was a thing....I'm REALLY digging it!

Going with the double nose piercing on the same side. Hopefully getting it done this week :)

I have wanted this for so many years!!! double nose piercing

Double nose piercing.

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not totally sold on facial piercings, but I'm loving the double nose piercing

belly button piercings | tongue piercings | nose piercings | tragus piercings: Tragus Piercing Challenge

double nose piercing

double nose piercing- thinking about it. Already have one!

I have a septum piercing already! I would love to do this as well, but I am stuck between getting done like this or like Travis Barker did on the left and right instead of double on both sides...

double nose piercing. So cute! I think I would possibly get mine undrneath instead of parallel...

  • Laura Kubit

    How do you blow your nose without it hurting?

  • Maggi Thomas

    Technically they would have to be lines to be parallel so none of its parallel lok

  • Hailey Law

    technically that would still be parallel lol:)