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Down Syndrome Tattoo

"More alike than different". Down Syndrome Awareness tattoo

down+syndrome+butterfly+tattoo | Down Syndrome Butterfly Graphics Code | Down Syndrome Butterfly ...

Down Syndrome tattoo! Want to get one for my little brother

MY TATTOO!!! My butterflies have meaning and each one stands for a family member. Top puzzle piece one is for Autism for my nephew.... Middle is Lupus for my Aunt... And bottom is for Down Syndrome for my niece!!!

Down Syndrome Butterfly Ribbon: this is most likely my next tattoo. Showing that I am a proud mother of a daughter with Down syndrome. It not something to bring her down but a part if her that makes her all the more beautiful!

Tattoo for my little brother that I never met. He would've had Down syndrome if he had lived. We didn't have a set name for him, but we always called him "Little dude," which is what I'll have tattooed.

My down syndrome tattoo for my brother ♥ GOD BLESS U AND UR BROTHER. LOVE UR TAT....I LOVE THIS PIN I FOUND

Down syndrome tattoo: My brother has Down syndrome, resulting in three chromosomes in the 21st trisomy. "omne trium perfectum" translates to "everything that comes in threes is perfect, or The Rule of Three. The writing is from a birthday card, love him more than anything. Good things come in threes!!!

"Tattoo for little sister the blue and yellow represent down syndrome" - this is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

Down Syndrome awareness ribbon into butterfly tattoo... Adore this so much and will do something similar for Blade!!

Support the troop butterfly ribbon tattoo and Down Syndrome awareness ribbon done by Matt Nasty at Lucky Strike Tattoo

Down syndrome awareness tattoo. hum.....a possible tattoo in the future

My very first tattoo. For my nephew, Tysen. Down Syndrome Awareness! :)

3E love wheelchair heart tattoo with different color puzzle pieces to represent different disabilities. Green for cerebral palsy, blue for autism, and combined blue and yellow for Down syndrome awareness. Perfect marriage of everything I love!!