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Drawing People

Hélène Cayre by Marie Bastille, via Behance

How Do You Draw People | Nose and Mouth studies by ~tigre-lys on deviantART

Profiles. Of dudes. Painted beautifully in watercolor, by American artist Stef Cook. Love. That is all.

Part 2, Drawing people - Imgur

How to Draw Fabric Folds Tutorial by Barbara Bradley (from her book, "Drawing People: How to Portray the Clothed Figure")

Types of Folds An Illustrated Tutorial from "Drawing People: How to Portray the Clothed Figure" by Barbara Bradley

Learn to draw people in motion using action lines.  This is a good lesson for beginners learning how to draw.

“Draw People Step By Step” home study course is widely regarded as the best portrait drawing course available anywhere on the internet.

a bunch of eyes by *gabbyd70 << I found her on deviant art. She's the reason I like drawing people so much!

Common Mistakes When Drawing the Face - page 2 (great example to show the kids)

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. #WilliamShakespeare

Cool little tutorial thing to remind oneself how many stylistic approaches can be taken when drawing people.

How to Draw a Realistic Face - Free video drawing tutorial

Drawing people (part 1) - Imgur

Part 2, Drawing people - Imgur

Charlie Bowater Digital Art / Drawings / People

This should be a helpful reference: Sleeping Figures in Different Positions.

Drawing people (part 1) - Imgur

how to draw people | How to draw people holding each other pictures 1

Natalie - Pencil Drawings by Ileana Hunter Wow, I need to learn how to draw peoples faces!

Drawing People Barbara Bradley Tutorial -compare proportions

Unique features, male's face.