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Driveway Border

Yew emerald spreader evergreen is a super useful cold hardy groundcover for cut slopes, banks and naturally sloping ground subject to problem run-off and erosion. Its well suited to expansive borders and islands for low maintenance weed-blocking coverage between more high profile upright shrubs. A strong grower, it stands up against the edges of walks and driveways. Foliage gracefully grounds larger rock outcroppings and will drape off curbs and retaining walls.

Use hedges to create beautiful walls in your garden landscape! P. Allen Smith recommends Boxwoods for any of your garden wall or ornamental hedge needs. Whether you want more privacy, a barrier to block areas such as driveways, or just an attractive border along pathways or retaining walls, Boxwoods are the perfect choice for a low-maintenance evergreen that will look great all year long!

Emerald Colonnade Holly This male holly (which produces no fruit) offers evergreen lushness for any landscape. It grows in a shapely rounded to pyramidal form. Plant Emerald Colonnade in a container, or group several in a line for an informal hedge or privacy screen. It also makes an excellent specimen plant in a mixed landscape border.

add a border of pavers to the front walk to add impact -- plus other ideas to make your entrance prettier

Tar and chip driveway. This has an upscale look with the cobblestone edging. The raised curbing will work great. And although I like the look of the triple border, I would imagine this will take some upkeep.

Greeting visitors to the home, a sculptural jacaranda bordered by hedging makes a stunning statement on the driveway.

Creeping Seum 'Angelina' What it is: A ground-hugging, spreading perennial groundcover with succulent and almost needle-like foliage of bright gold. Turns orange/red in fall and is evergreen most winters. Gets small yellow flowers in July but mainly grown for bright foliage. * Where to use: Excellent front-of-border edging plant in any hot, sunny area. Also a good choice for lining walkways and driveways and for covering ground between shrubs and evergreens.