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Driveway Border

Poured-in-place concrete borders are perfect for lawn and garden edging, tree surrounds, and driveway curbs.

double-red-knockout-rose, bought first one approx. 2009, moved from driveway border to perennial border July 2012. In Fall 2011 bought additional rose, bought 2 more CT for dollar.

Liatris Spicata Alba, 3-4', July -August, White is useful in the mixed border as an exclamation point or accent, and the bottlebrush spikes of Liatris spicata 'Alba' will add vertical interest as well. It's an old-time favorite for summer gardens and bouquets that will attract butterflies and other pollinators. Plants self sow if not deadheaded, creating a charming, naturalized look.

Blue-Eyed Grass. Beautiful color!!

Annabell hydrangeas aligning a fence with mondo grass at the base - great for driveway or fence border.

Create a kind of living fence by lining up tall potted grasses along a walkway or wide driveway.

Edge the Driveway: Installing a border along the driveway gives it a crisp, elegant look. Edging materials such as bricks, pavers, and stone, or a combination of them, bring a boring asphalt slab to life with color, texture, and decorative designs. The edging can be level with the driveway or elevated to prevent people from driving onto your lawn.

Greeting visitors to the home, a sculptural jacaranda bordered by hedging makes a stunning statement on the driveway.

Cottage garden border of successive heights with Delphiniums, Nepeta, Robinia 'Frisia' and Achillea 'Ptarmigan' - Eastgrove Cottage, Worcs

landscaping ideas with rocks corner fence | Stone border along driveway surrounding flower bed.

Edge It - When using loose materials, such as gravel or mulch, for your paths, an edging keeps your path from spilling into your beds and borders, lawn, or driveway.

Yoshino Cherry Tree Its Oriental branching pattern displays a pure white cloud of delicate flowers that make your landscape look like springtime on parade… Chose this tree to – • Border driveways • Accent small areas in your lawn • Highlight outdoor living areas

pathway + lavender ... edge of driveway?this is my driveway plan, grow lavender grow, love it

boulder border to driveway

Metal Border Edging for Lawns / Borders / Driveways 1 / 2 metre lengths | Haverhill

Driveway Pavers & Landscape Symmetry

Colorful Property Line Border Landscape-for lining the driveway

Undulating grass perfect for curved path - inviting to explore

Lavender border along driveway on one side where existing garden is.

EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging (4 in.) Neat, clean borders for lawn, paths and flower beds EverEdge is the permanent solution to the ever-growing problem of maintaining a clean edge on your lawn, driveway, paths and beds. You can even run a lawnmower over it, eliminating the usual time-consuming and back-breaking effort of edging by hand.

Sweet Alyssum Draping over the edging. My grandmother edged her long driveway with small boulders and grew Creeping Phlox and alyssum around them What a sight it was!!!