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Earphones Wrap

TeachMe, Mila: DIY Colorful Wrapped Earphones

DIY earphones and charger roll. Easy to make, cute, and so useful. Keep all of your cords together when you travel.

Make your earphones colourful by DIY embroidering/ wrapping any earphones.

easy diy project: wrap earbuds in embroidery floss to make it more colorful and to keep them from tangling.

Simple little strap to hold wrapped cords; could make from strips of fun foam and brass brads

These Octopus Earbuds by Donghee Suh are the answer to tangled earbud cords. With a suction cup flap, you can wrap the cable around your device and suction the earbuds to the display of the device keeping everything neat, tidy and organized. #earbuds #earphones #YankoDesign

I Cable Winder New 2 Winder One Set Headphone Earphone Winder Smart Wrap USB | eBay

wrapped earphones - this would be great for traveling because nobody is going to have the exact same headphones as u, use different colors different styles and you will never lose them!;)

snail cap (earphone cord organizer plus earphone jack protetor) by connect design

Earphone, earbud wrap , no more tangled earbud with cord organizer! #DIY#craft

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    Hehehehehehehehe... you gave me the giggles. It totally does, bad colorway!

I did this to my headphones and they are awesome. How to make Earlaces (lime forest) - Top 10 DIY Crochet Ideas

DIY Colorful Wrapped Earphones (to keep them from getting tangled)

TeachMe, Mila: DIY Colorful Wrapped Earphones

Patent Pending Projects: (Tangle Free) String Wrapped Earphone Project

Stocking stuffer One Blue Headset Winder Earbud Earphone Music Headphone Holder Storage Wrap | eBay

Organize Headphones with Embroidery Bobbins

sew perfect gift for your favorite sewing buddy...or music fan...or both...available now ;) This organizes your cords and protects your earbuds! Earbud organizer, earphone organizer, headphone organizer, cord organizer, spool, sewing

yarn wrapped earphones! i could do this myself!

This is truly brilliant! 20 Insanely Clever Organization & Storage Tricks: Also great for organizing accessories, from hair bands to earphones. Just clip and wrap! These work equally as well on the edge of your desk for organizing the ends of USBs and power adapters. Want to take it to the next level? See our tutorial how to decorate your binder clips.