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Earphones Wrap

wrapped earphones - this would be great for traveling because nobody is going to have the exact same headphones as u, use different colors different styles and you will never lose them!;)

Snail Cap. "The little snail sits on the earphone jack to protect it when not in use, while the leaf is used to wrap your messy earphone cord around." $8.

So smart. I'm gonna whip one of these up stat. Clothes pin headphone wrap.

I love how Mari Forssell on Etsy created this case so that it also keeps your earphones wrapped together nicely.

Maloo lanyard keychan. A good way to prevent sailors knots in your pocket.

Thread wrapped headphones. After reading and re-reading different directions on how to make these, and double checking WHILE doing these---mine did not make the awesome "staircase" with the knots. Also, my knots are already starting to come undone. I'm not an idiot and know how to tie a knot, but there you have it. FAILED IT!!!

Simple little strap to hold wrapped cords; could make from strips of fun foam and brass brads


A good idea to help save time... 20 Insanely Clever Organization & Storage Tricks: Also great for organizing accessories, from hair bands to earphones. Just clip and wrap! These work equally as well on the edge of your desk for organizing the ends of USBs and power adapters. Want to take it to the next level? See our tutorial how to decorate your binder clips.

Patent Pending Projects: (Tangle Free) String Wrapped Earphone Project

TeachMe, Mila: DIY Colorful Wrapped Earphones

Wood Earbud Holder / Earphone Organizer $27 - Simply thread your buds through the hole in the middle & wrap the cord around like a yo yo. When you're ready to use them, hold onto the plug & drop the bud holder. You buds will unwind in seconds & w/ no tangles in the cord. Meticulously crafted from Cherry, this elegant ear bud holder is a must have for any ear bud user.

♥ Cute and practical! Felt Rabbit (earphone wire holder)

Tortoise Silicone Stand Earphone Wrap

earphones holder - These look ridiculously easy to make and are great mini-gifts/stocking stuffers!

The Mr. Babba Earphone Organizer allows you to easily wrap your earphone wires around its body and holds it in place to keep your earphone wires tied up and organized.

DIY earphones and charger roll. Easy to make, cute, and so useful. Keep all of your cords together when you travel.

DIY Wrap Headphones- All you need is some colourful string! This might help me to not lose my earphones for the millionth time...

Patent Pending Projects: (Tangle Free) String Wrapped Earphone Project