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Elbow Tattoos

wolf tattoo ideas. "A wolf does not concern herself with the opinions of sheep."

The most awesome tattoo ever. Sky and space tattoo.

cat....someone said it was probably her 'happy' tattoo....if I looked at that my blood pressure would probably go up...i think it's cute though

Geometric inner elbow tattoo. I love the pattern, though the location is not my favorite.

I am picky about flower tattoos. But I like this one because the colors aren't so bright. I like dull or just black tattoos. I want a sunflower on my shoulder, or elbow.

Swallow bird tattoo on the arm/inner elbow

(100+) elbow tattoo | Tumblr

i would totally get this tattooed but maybe on my elbow? idk but i like it!

Maryland Crab Tattoo On Elbow. Maryland pride!

Heart tattoo on my elbow. This shape, black outline, filled with red.


"Lace Doily Elbow" tattoo done by Esther Garcia of Butterfat Studios in Chicago, IL. I don't want my elbow, but been longing for my grandmas Doily pattern, to make a flower-type piece.. Love this

forest tattoos | Black Forest Tattoo | half sleeve from elbow up

mandela lotus tattoo | Elbow ditch lotus inspired mandala done by Kyle ... | Tattoo Inspirat ...

But as an elbow tattoo...

American Flag Tattoo like that but shoulder down to elbow

Best Elbow Tattoos | Elbow Tattoos – Designs and Ideas