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Elbow Tattoos

little red riding hood Maura has the most amazing sleeve with little red riding hood. Note the knife in her hand. The wolf is around the other side above her elbow, dead. It's effing awesome. KiOS trunk show and book signing at Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia

Something to consider when if I ever go below the elbow. Hmmm. Original TatJacket Full Tattoo Cover Up Sleeve. Interesting!! Love it.

Heart tattoo on my elbow. This shape, black outline, filled with red.

awesome sleeve tattoo (If tattoo is not your thing then please UNFOLLOW 'Tattoo: Inked & painted' board.)

Inner elbow tattoos. MAybe above the elbow instead

I'm getting a purple and blue octopus on my elbow, so time to start planning out for that... still haven't decided traditional or realistic grr

This very well may be my next tattoo! Only colorful rather then black!! Left arm but more of a capped sleeve rather then full shoulder to elbow sleeve.

Tiny heart tattoo. I draw these everywhere, on paper, on myself, on anyone who will let me haha. Not sure where if get it, but if consider it

Lion with a crown tattoo on the arm/elbow | In2Ink, Congleton, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom.

Great Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women maybe higher up on the shoulder and stopping right before the elbow

not how i want mine but great idea but with a girl and a skull kissing for my elbow...maybe framed in lace

a real girl with a lot of tattoos on her arms like me. I would like to extend mine down beyond the elbow some time soon. but 3/4 length, not full sleeve.

kind of liking lovely floral ditch (inner elbow) tattoos...

Nice tattoo sleeve. Love the open elbow. Think ima do that on mine

This is my tattoo but with one more little star and in white. I also don't want them filled, just outlines. Awesome

Very much like what I want on my right side. Down behind the ear, along the neck and down the arm trailing off at the elbow -leopard print tattoo | Tumblr

Countdown Workout...takes about 15-20 mins with stretches throw in. I added a medicine ball anytime my arms were unoccupied - front lifts, swinging during crunches, a tricep dip-style thing over my head, bending elbows at a 90 degree angle. Will be keeping this one!

Butterfly watercolor tattoo on inner elbow

wolf tattoo ideas. "A wolf does not concern herself with the opinions of sheep."

Jaw tattoo framing elbow ♥

Above my left elbow crease, very vibrant yellows, 'you are my sunshine' in a pretty script font?? Might have to be my first tat!!