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Evil Eye Tattoos

Hamsa Hand. A sign of protection that also represents blessings, power, and strength, and is seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye. And yes, another tattoo idea ;)

tiny evil eye tattoos - Google Search

One of my next tattoos will be an eye, probably not as stark as this, but I really do like this one.

Hamsa tattoo. I keep finding more tattoos I want to get

5. Hamsa: I just recently learned the word for this, actually. This hand-shaped symbol is rich in meaning. It’s supposed to help ward away the evil eye, the ultimate form of protection. It can be found in various religions from Islam to Catholicism. It’s not a solely religious symbol, but the spiritual nature of yoga makes it obvious why this tattoo is inspired by yoga.

#tattoo maybe include evil eye in the middle? looks like a compass, evil eye signifiying protection everywhere i go

hamsa represents strength, power, and blessings. It's main purpose is to ward off the evil eye that brings death, illness and bad luck.

Evil Eye

Octopus tattoo. Maybe a sleeve with an evil eye and some more tribal or abstract design incorporated into it...not a full sleeve. But maybe a 3/4 sleeve? Will think about it.

Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history.

Hamsa hand tattoo...very nicely done. I hope that ink protects her from the evil eye.

Mandala flowers - I'm really digging the evil eye one

I got this beautiful hamsa tattoo about a month ago at Immortal Art in Phoenix, Arizona. The artist was Jonny Wogan, he did an amazing job! The hamsa has a lot of meaning behind it, protecting its owner from the evil eye, and bringing health and happiness. The five fingers represent the five books of the torah. The koi fish represent a never ending journey. Thought Id share it :)

Delicate Eye Tattoo // Infinite Style

This is along the lines of what I'm thinking for a tattoo, with an eye inside of a sun hmm....

I like how small this hamsa tattoo is but still has the evil eye and all the detail included

I believe we all have wings. May not be seen to our eyes..but those who have good souls will have white feathered wings while the evil ones would have devilish dark wings. (influenced by the movie Constantine)

This is a tattoo of the hamsa, an image by many societies recognised as a sign of protection. So, great meaning and beauts as well.

hamsa tattoo | hamsa hand on neck back black grey tattoo female neck turned down with the endless knot in place of the eye