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Face Drawings

the way i feel is always written on my face.. //what a beautiful drawing/ not sure of the artist i think the reason i like other peoples art is because i would think that i would draw theire art

A perfect example of the everything learned prior to drawing their final portrait. This is what the final portrait should ultimately look like. They will have learned how to draw facial features, how to draw basic black and white value, and how to create an interesting composition zooming in on a portion of their face. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Need to work on my face drawing skills before attempting!

Skull Face Drawing blond art cool skull drawing woman face halloween artwork

learn to draw people face Drawing people face side view

After spending time teaching my students how to draw the "perfect" Greek face, we begin a collage. They search magazines to find similar size features, (old, young, male, female, children) and glue them in the proper place. Their challenge is to add what is missing and pull the variety of magazine cutouts together with colord pencils to create a face.

How to draw a face - good explanation of proportions.

How To Draw A Realistic Face Step 1) Start with the finished drawing.

white and black pencil on skin toned paper - brilliant! Good inspiration for drawing faces

Nancy Crawford.. high school art teacher's blog Fractured portrait

How to draw a face - I learned this in high school art class; good for review.

How to Draw the Female Face show first 2 min and then skip ahead to see progress untill end

Comic Drawing Tips

Picasso Line Drawings | This drawing of a dove on a girl's face makes me think of the Dove ...

Amazing. I think this picture has inspired me to start drawing faces again.

How to Draw Faces. I'm not an art teacher but I could teach this!

How to draw cartoon faces -- this could be FUN!!!

face diagram collage 2

Face drawing

A5 giraffe face drawing using pencil and ink. by zeldaartlettering, $20.00