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Father Daughter Tattoos

My Celtic Knot tattoo that is the symbol for Father & Daughter with my daughters initials around it.

I am my father's daughter tattoo | Chest words Female Tattoo - Nina Gaudin - 12th Avenue Tattoo Nampa, ID...

Heartbeat Tattoo, Roman Numeral Date, Father Daughter Tattoo

I sea what they did there. | 17 Totally Badass Matching Father And Daughter Tattoos

Father Daughter Quotes | Father Daughter possible tattoo?

father daughter tattoo ❤️

BRB, I got something in my eye. | 17 Totally Badass Matching Father And Daughter Tattoos

mother/daughter symbol tattoo | Mother's and Daughter's tattoos. Father's and Son's tattoos.

images of father daughter tattoo idea.. But since I have a son this would be cool Mother son tattoo

"Daddy, You'll Always Be The First Man I Ever Loved.": Double-Matted in White, Plastic-Sleeved Hand-Signed by the artist. 5x7 is $12 (+ shipping) 8x10 is $20 (+ shipping) 11x14 is $28 (+ shipping) (Saying, Quote, Inspiration, Life Lessons, Memories, Family, Relationship, Friends, Heart, Best, Bond, BFF, Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Motivational, Encouragement, Love, Father Of The Bride, Wedding Gift, Baby, Single, Bucket List, Art, Tattoo)

A Beach Boys quote? Totally rad. | 17 Totally Badass Matching Father And Daughter Tattoos FONT

Probably the most inspiring tattoo I've found. a silhouette of a father walking with his little daughter. Breathtaking use of shadows.

tattoo done by Little David at Prick in San Antonio, Texas - the quote is from a poem the father, who passed away last year, wrote to his daughter -in his handwriting found in a xmas card

My second tattoo! Celtic knot that represents a bond between a father & daughter. The blue is the December birthstone. "Tá iníonacha chèad ghrá a hathair" ; "A daughters first love is her father"

Father - Daughter :) by Mike Kremer, via 500px This is gorgeous. And, it has nothing to do with the tattoo :)

Awesome Father/Daughter Dance... wonder if I could get Daddy to do something like this

Father and daughter tattoo. Means Family

Celtic symbol meaning father & daughter! ****I'm thinking either my husband,I or maybe both (cause I ♥ my parents,also) could get this as a tattoo? I luv Celtic& this is a sweet meaning.AND Only if she wants2, my daughter could get this tat? Start a generation thing!?(maybe?) ****

Couples tattoo-Remind me that we will always have each other when everything else is gone

You could almost make this into a father/daughter tattoo. Instead of country girl I'd put Daddy's Lil' Huntress.

Father daughter tattoos. Quote from The Crow

My tattoo(: its the celtic knot symbol for the bond between a father and daughter. In my dads birthstone :) happy fathers day dad :)

18689980-family-of-four-people-abstract-symbols-icons-using-line-loops-the-icons-are-of-father-mother-son--da.jpg (450×450)