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Father Daughter Tattoos

Wouldn't want it as a tramp stamp but like the tat!! Mothers And Daughters Tattoos Fathers Sons

I'm going to get something similar to this. It will have my fathers birthday & birth time in roman numerals. :)

"I love you" tattoo from a letter my father wrote me before he passed away from cancer

Fishing tattoo. This would be a good father-daughter tattoo for me and my dad.

this would be so cool as a mother/daughter or husband/wife or even best friends tattoo

Asia Argento - tattoo

I want this. For both of my dads. Love them both so much!!

mother and this every year & see how you change...could do with father and son, too. Love this idea

Father daughter tattoos. Quote from The Crow

Father/daughter tattoo. Billy Joel's song "New York State of Mind" was my dad and mines favorite song since I was little. We both got the tattoo on my 18th birthday

Father Daughter Tattoo

Heartbeat Tattoo, Roman Numeral Date, Father Daughter Tattoo

Cute father daughter idea

The perfect father and daughter tattoo :')!!!

You could almost make this into a father/daughter tattoo. Instead of country girl I'd put Daddy's Lil' Huntress.

father and daughter tattoos - Google Search

The cutest tattoo that a daughter could get for her father! Daddy’s lil girl!

best friend tattoos in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" font. AND my favorite band! Incubus! Great for a best friend tat :) or mother/father/daughter/son whatever combo! :)

mother/daughter symbol tattoo | Mother's and Daughter's tattoos. Father's and Son's tattoos.

Father and daughter tattoo. Means Family

Mother Son Daughter Tattoo | Symbol For Father And Daughter Again Knot Work - Free Download Tattoo ...

18689980-family-of-four-people-abstract-symbols-icons-using-line-loops-the-icons-are-of-father-mother-son--da.jpg (450×450)

Daughter Gets Tattoo of Father's Final Message to Her. It's tattoos like THIS that are worth getting!