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Father Daughter Tattoos

"My friend Megan’s tattoo! 'As long as one and one is two there could never be a father who loves his daughter more than I love you.' He’s been signing that on her birthday cards ever since she was really young. I think this is the most precious thing. " Actually such a meaningful and cute tattoo

Memorial tattoo for my daddy, with his handwriting. Daddy's girl. Mechanic. Mechanics daughter. Daddy's girl tattoo. Father daughter. Love.

"Daddy, You'll Always Be The First Man I Ever Loved.": Double-Matted in White, Plastic-Sleeved Hand-Signed by the artist. 5x7 is $12 (+ shipping) 8x10 is $20 (+ shipping) 11x14 is $28 (+ shipping) (Saying, Quote, Inspiration, Life Lessons, Memories, Family, Relationship, Friends, Heart, Best, Bond, BFF, Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Motivational, Encouragement, Love, Father Of The Bride, Wedding Gift, Baby, Single, Bucket List, Art, Tattoo)

Matching tattoos- mother/son or father/daughter any combo!

My tattoo(: its the celtic knot symbol for the bond between a father and daughter. In my dads birthstone :) happy fathers day dad :)

My father was killed almost six years ago, and as soon as I turned 18 I got this tattoo. It's his exact hand writing out of a book he gave me the Christmas before he passed. The book was titled Why a Daughter Needs a Dad. RIP

Father - Daughter :) by Mike Kremer, via 500px This is gorgeous. And, it has nothing to do with the tattoo :)

Father Daughter Celtic tattoo. In honor of my dad and our bond.

Father Daughter Tattoo 6/6/13

Father/daughter tattoo. Love my daddy so much!

Celtic symbol meaning father & daughter! ****I'm thinking either my husband,I or maybe both (cause I ♥ my parents,also) could get this as a tattoo? I luv Celtic& this is a sweet meaning.AND Only if she wants2, my daughter could get this tat? Start a generation thing!?(maybe?) ****

You could almost make this into a father/daughter tattoo. Instead of country girl I'd put Daddy's Lil' Huntress.

Father-Daughter tattoos. Now THAT is fucking cute.

I love this... would change the saying.... A daughters love for her father never fails

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Father daughter tattoo...Leo sign

Heartbeat Tattoo, Roman Numeral Date, Father Daughter Tattoo

Awesome Father/Daughter Dance... wonder if I could get Daddy to do something like this

Father-daughter. Beautiful tattoo

Father Daughter Clover Tattoo

Father & daughter matching tattoos Darwin fish!!

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