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Feather Design

Reminds me of blue jay feathers I used to collect as a kid.

My tattoo peacock feather design


intricate feather design

Good advice right here: "A young lady came in to get a generic “google images” feather tattoo. We decided to draw her a custom design instead! Don’t settle for a common tattoo design when you can get something special :) " - Dean Denney, Anonymous Tattoo. Savannah, GA. Instagram @deandenney

peacock feather design - Google Search

We love this bracelet and feather design!

Thinking about getting a dream catcher on my arm, this one is pure inspiration

Feather design

feather illustration

peacock feather tattoo design

Feather design tattoo

Peacock feather tattoo. don't really like the position or the size, but love the colors and the shading, reminds me of marylynnn!

Peacock feather design

Peacock Feather Design II by ~BlackEyedSiouxsan on deviantART

birds feather tattoo design

Finished peacock feather design.

Tattoo by Dodie at L'Heure Bleue in Lyon, France

Feather design tattoo