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Fingerprint Heart Tattoos

infinite love tattoo - my second tattoo with the fingerprints heart :)

Corey and I are wanting to get a Couples tattoo. Do I think I could talk him into this? :) Two fingerprints together into a heart. Cute couples tattoo idea!

fingerprint heart tattoo. One for each kid from their fingerprint. "Fingerprints don't fade from the lives we've touched"

Justin Hicks - finger print heart tattoo love!

74239093830924818 finger print heart tattoo i want to do this with my childs fingerprint!!!!

My mom and dad fingerprint heart tattoo

Do the kids' finger prints...~k Very cool idea, heart tattoo of you and your loved ones finger prints! I must get this!

Matching sister fingerprint heart tattoos but I think I would do with my kids' fingerprints instead

Your fingerprint and his makes a heart. Or you could do yours and some friends and make it a flower. ** make a flower w/ the kids prints & mine

Fingerprint tattoo over my heart. But in white ink because this one will be mainly for me to see

Want this fingerprint heart tattoo... Omg I'll be able to get each of the girls thumb prints! Although the "criminal" in me I guess lol is Leary of finger prints immortalized forever ;)

Awesome idea for a tattoo- fingerprint hearts! Gonna get 4 for each of my kids! :)

I want this of my brother and I's fingerprints :) i'm really into family tattoos lately...

Heart tattoo , with me & my sisters fingerprints ♥

My kid's fingerprints into two hearts tattoo

mother daughter tattoos - fingerprint of each finger made into a heart @Jennifer Milsaps L Hall-Cormican

mother daughter tattoos – fingerprint of each finger made into a heart @Jennifer Milsaps L Milsaps L Hall-Cormican

This would be a sweet tattoo, but it would take a long time because of the detail. Individual's thumbprints to make a heart. I could handle it!

fingerprint heart tattoos - Google претрага

Hubs and I's fingerprints into a heart tattoo! Great idea!!!

Make your Valentines personal!

fingerprint heart tattoo

This Heart Shape Fingerprint Tattoos!

As long as I ony had two kids I would get this as a tattoo with their fingerprints and never your husbands as mean as that sounds bc it's the same as getting a guys name, if you break up it's always there reminding you of what you had.

This would be an awesome tattoo!