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Fish Scale Tattoo

fish tattoo but with the alternate colors in scales with lyrics inbetween so they would have to be farther apart, this is the placement i want too

***i love everything about this tattoo! i love the fish, scales, eyes, coloring & the flowers***

Fish Scales..shape for fish scale tattoo

Color Gradient for my fish scale tattoo?

This is what I DO NOT like: the way the asian bird feather tattoos look fish scale-like 타투그룹 > 타투디자인 > 봉황 타투 디자인

fish scales tattoo :3

I want a smaller version of this, please.

Tattoo Fish Scales. Would love to get something like this down my thigh

fish scales tattoo designs

this is too cute: I’ve always had an obsession with, and wanted to be, a mermaid, so for my first tattoo i got my skin breaking open with mermaid scales underneath. Almost everyone who has seen it, loves it, and even the tattoo artists at the parlor thought it was totally awesome and unique. I’m so stoked!

I want fish scale tattoo! I wish I could cover up my leg piece that I hate with least I have a whole other leg :)

Fish Scale Tattoo | Fish scale, ideas for the next tattoo. | Tatted

Fish scale tattoo | BEBOP tattoo

fish scale tattoo | Koi Fish Scales Tattoo

subject inspiration the Moth the colors , texture, print , darkness. inspiring FACT :The color on the wings of a butterfly is created by a layer of scales on the wing, similar to the scales on a fish. This is the "dust" that comes off as you touch the wing. On many butterflies the color is only an illusion. The color we perceive is created by refraction of the light as it reflects off the surface of the scale.

possible koi tattoo. i like the details in the it rather than tradition fish with lots of scales

Mermaid scales this would be so cool. but i would put it a little lower in my thigh.

I think it'd be cool to have small patches of aquamarine fish scales for a pisces tattoo

See more Mermaid fish tattoo on whole legs


Tina Marie - fish scale leg tattoo

blue waves or green rolling hills... working around the "gates" and with the text as a seam

I love the shiny scale... "This is my Rainbow Fish tattoo inspired by the illustration from the children’s book “The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister. A humongous thanks to my artist, Nick Stambaugh, at the new Aces High Tattoo location in my hometown Jupiter, Florida. He was the mastermind behind the watercolor effect as it translated to skin."