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Fish Scale Tattoo

next tattoo: mermaid/fish scales on my back and torso

Carp Koi Fish Tattoos – Symbols of Power, Luck, Bravery... hmmm small on scale, two forming a circle, one black one golden orange , water beautiful blue... imagine it... rib cage...

I think it'd be cool to have small patches of aquamarine fish scales for a pisces tattoo with the symbol next to it

mermaid scale hip tattoo - Google Search

Koi Fish Tattoo. A symbol of perseverance in the face of adversity. But not get one THAT big... ;-)

Mermaid scales this would be so cool. but i would put it a little lower in my thigh.

Polynesian fish scales tattoo | Rick's Recent Work.

fish scale tights are so cute, need an anchor tattoo to really pull it off.

Koi = In tattoo imagery, especially in combination with flowing water, it symbolizes much the same: courage, the ability to attain high goals, and overcoming life's difficulties

#2 HairColor #1Pose, BodyColor, Gills, Scales, Background ~ This is what started my interest in getting my new mermaid tattoo on my left thigh. But I decided she had to be a Koi Mermaid as well with distinct features to go along with the fish swimming around her to look kind of like the Koi in the pond. This was going to be a full thigh tattoo also like the one on my right thigh to balance me out. LadyDawn

fish tattoo but with the alternate colors in scales with lyrics inbetween so they would have to be farther apart, this is the placement i want too

It's decided I want a bracelet tattoo / C'est décidé je veux un tatouage bracelet

Love this tat idea. I always was told my fam thought I was part fish due to my obsession w/ water.

Fish scale stockings tattoo. Perfect for sexy swimmers or surfers or beach bums or anyone that wants to be my girlfriend.

Fish scale tattoo color inspiration

Fish scale tattoo | BEBOP tattoo

I want fish scale tattoo! I wish I could cover up my leg piece that I hate with least I have a whole other leg :)

Metallic fish scale tattoos. I'd likely have it done in rainbow :D

fish it. Growing scales. Lol

Realistic fish scales underneath cracked skin tattoo