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Fish Scale Tattoo

this is too cute: I’ve always had an obsession with, and wanted to be, a mermaid, so for my first tattoo i got my skin breaking open with mermaid scales underneath. Almost everyone who has seen it, loves it, and even the tattoo artists at the parlor thought it was totally awesome and unique. I’m so stoked!

fish scale tattoo - Bing Images

fish scale tights are so cute, need an anchor tattoo to really pull it off.

Carp Koi Fish Tattoos – Symbols of Power, Luck, Bravery... hmmm small on scale, two forming a circle, one black one golden orange , water beautiful blue... imagine it... rib cage...

possible koi tattoo. i like the details in the it rather than tradition fish with lots of scales

Sooooo getting fish scales similar to this with the same placement as hers on my left thigh, though. Closest to being a mermaid :D.

Mermaid scales this would be so cool. but i would put it a little lower in my thigh.

fish scale tattoo

Insane 3D tattoos revealing fish scales

fish scales for B&W revealing flesh tattoo (with random red highlights)

I think it'd be cool to have small patches of aquamarine fish scales for a pisces tattoo

Underneath the puzzle pieces of skin on this person's body are fish scales! Is this a statement about evolution, or a statement about hallucinogenic drugs?

Sketch Mermaid Fish Siren Hair Scales Beautiful

Fish Scales..shape for fish scale tattoo

I want something similar. Green scales (as Ariel from the Little Mermaid) but one of the scales is from the rainbow fish. The story being that the last scale that the Rainbow Fish gave away was to Ariel so that she would always remember to share her wealth with those less fortunate than her.

mermaid scales tattoo "I must be a mermaid I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living "