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Fish Scale Tattoo

subject inspiration the Moth the colors , texture, print , darkness. inspiring FACT :The color on the wings of a butterfly is created by a layer of scales on the wing, similar to the scales on a fish. This is the "dust" that comes off as you touch the wing. On many butterflies the color is only an illusion. The color we perceive is created by refraction of the light as it reflects off the surface of the scale.

Welp, I'm kind of disappointed that I'm not the only who thought of this, but I'm still in love with the idea.

next tattoo: mermaid/fish scales on my back and torso

fish tattoo but with the alternate colors in scales with lyrics inbetween so they would have to be farther apart, this is the placement i want too

An abstract tattoo design of two goldfish. The tattoo artist has left some areas un-inked to create the impression of shiny scales

Hermes tattoo (left leg) by Sean Robinson of Etched In Ink, Greater Manchester. --- OMG I love this. It would go great with my fish scales on my thigh