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Food Craving Chart

Food cravings chart. Not sure how accurate, but worth looking at every now and then

Great chart: If you're craving [food], what you really need is [nutrient], which you can get in a healthy way from [substitute]!

If you crave this, what you really need is this, and here are the healthy foods that have it...

Stop Your Cravings – Food Cravings Chart - If you’re on the “New Years Resolution” band wagon, then you are probably falling off by now. If you haven’t, then great! If you have then arm yourself with this food cravings chart. The best way to fight food cravings is with food! You just have to pick the right kind!

food cravings

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How to Handle a Food Craving Flow Chart

A chart showing what vital minerals your body is really craving when you're craving certain "foods"

If you crave this food, here's the healthy thing your body needs.

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Food Cravings Chart

Food Cravings Chart What Are Your Cravings Telling To help you eat the right things when you get a craving I thought I’d share this extremely useful chart an at a glance guide to what your cravings are telling you your body needs and what your should eat instead of those quick fix foods.

wonder if this works? We will see. food cravings chart- if you crave this.... you really need this....


Better Raw: What do food cravings say about you? (CHART)

Food cravings chart

Food cravings chart

Food craving chart