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Food Craving Chart

When you have a craving, what nutrient are you missing? Didn't know that! But when im craving these things I know what to eat now

What You Want to Eat vs. What You Need to Eat. Healthy substitutions for the cravings you wish you could suppress.

What do food cravings say about you? (CHART) really you solutions to solve the cravings. I was checking to see why I was craving beetroot!! Still don't know LOL!!

Food Cravings? Here Is What Your Body Really Wants. If you are craving certain foods take a look at this chart to see what you may be lacking.

What do food cravings say about you? (CHART)

What you SHOULD eat when you're craving...sometimes nothing beats a bag of chips, though

Useful information if you're craving something!

Replacing cravings

The truth of good cravings!

Food Cravings Chart

YES - minus the dairy

Food Cravings chart- A craving is a signal from your body that your deficient in a nutrient. Here is a chart to help you recognize what cravings you have and what you SHOULD eat for that craving!

What to eat instead of what you're craving.

Control your craving

Great chart: If you're craving [food], what you really need is [nutrient], which you can get in a healthy way from [substitute]!

Food cravings

Ok, so this clearly isn't a recipe. It's a chart that shows you what your body really needs nutritionally when you're craving certain foods.

Food Cravings

Food cravings chart- what your body really needs!

Glossary | The Spice Doc - Each of the five main flavors found in food (sour, salty, sweet, bitter, spicy/pungent) correspond to a paired organ system. Often what we crave can tell us something about what we need and where it is needed. Interactive chart