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Forehead Kisses

Kisses on the forehead are so much sweeter once you don't have them in your life anymore.

You Already Take Me There | Teen Photograph About teens, silhouettes, couple, sunset, kissing forehead, teenagers, romance, love, kiss in the sunset and shadow

Engagement pic with swing and kiss on the forehead.

Forehead kisses and smiles... that's what great marriages are made of

love this. cute couple. campfire. snuggle. romantic. forehead kisses.

The kisses you put on my forehead, when you think I'm fast asleep. Those are the ones that mean the most. Because you did them & wanted to. Not because you had to.

engaged couple sharing a sweet embrace in the middle of a wheat field, sweet forehead kiss, vintage farm engagement session, breathtaking engagement, Katelyn James Photography

Family portraits with newborn - love the baby on Dad's shoulder and mom standing behind kissing baby's forehead.

Newborn picture with sibling. I'll be doing this with both of my nieces, the older one holding him and the younger one kissing his forehead!

You ALWAYS kiss my forehead and tell me everything is going to be okay & when you do that I really DO KNOW it WILL be, because YOU said it would be.

love forehead kisses girl boy couple romantic romance relationship

Love that he is kissing her forehead and that they're wrapped in a blanket together

Cute couple forehead kisses

“I kissed them both: my daughter on the forehead, to infuse her with long life; and my wife on the lips, as gently as I could touch her lips with mine, to open a new chapter in our lives.” Excerpt From: Donan, P.C. “All Things Visible and Invisible.” iBooks. Amazon. B&N.

Kisses on the forehead. One sitting down, him leaning over and kissing me on forehead like the first time he kissed me at prom! :)

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.” ― Marilyn Monroe

love this.. the dress AMAZING!... field of flowers!!... forehead kisses ♥

On the forehead love. sarah kieffer

Forehead kiss. I actually like this idea, but I think if she was facing him with her eyes closed would seal the deal for me.

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