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Forehead Kisses

You Already Take Me There | Teen Photograph About teens, silhouettes, couple, sunset, kissing forehead, teenagers, romance, love, kiss in the sunset and shadow

snow engagement favorite! I want to be proposed to when the snow is falling ♥

LOL... pretty good movie considering its miley cyrus

this would be great as a maternity pic

Upside Down Forehead Kiss Photo

The forehead kisses that telegraphs it's message through-out your body....letting you know you are all're all mine Pretty Baby ♥

Aw the forehead kiss, the most romantic kiss of all...

Susan Sontag (January 16, 1933 – December 28, 2004).“Do stuff. Be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration's shove or society's kiss on your forehead.”

cute couples | Tumblr forehead kisses ahhh so cute

sweet. tender. kisses.

. Fun wedding couple shoot. Pinned by Devika Narain

kissing the top of my head or forehead. That screams I LOVE YOU in the softest, sweetest, quietest and most assuring way.

cute pose for wedding and/or engagement photos {{w/ a forehead kiss}}

Country couple - rather this be a forehead kiss instead

Forehead kisses in the fields -- for more couples photography, visit my board

love daddy bump shots.. add funny bits like ear buds or stethoscope.. daddy reading a car mag, quantum physics book, etc for levity, fairytale for little girl? or classic kissing, forehead lean like this, or hug.

Soft kisses across your skin.. and the world fades into endless bliss.. .xo

Family portraits with newborn - love the baby on Dad's shoulder and mom standing behind kissing baby's forehead.

Souls Love. That's What Souls Do. Egos Don't, But Souls Do. Become A Soul, Look Around, And You'll Be Amazed-All The Beings Around You Are Souls. Be One, See One —Ram Dass

Sebastien wraps his arms around me, draws me in close,takes a deep sigh and presses his forehead to mine. Gently grasping my right hand, he brings it to his lips and kisses the tips of each of my fingers in turn. “I love you.” He tenderly declares. “I don’t want to leave you alone.” As I go to reply, he places my hand over his heart. The heat of his bare skin burns through my palm and as I try to hold back a sob, he whispers, “Feel this Amber. Feel the love behind my heart..© J.L. Thomas 2014