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Forehead Kisses

i like this shot, I would have LOVED it if he perhaps was kissing her forehead or they were more snuggly.

Dear Future Husband~ I have so many things to tell you about myself. I want to tell you all my secrets whispering them into your ear while my fingers twist the hair that rests upon your collar. I want to sit on your lap and tell you of my passions in between the kisses I plant on your nose, cheek, forehead and shoulders. When I say something that I'm very excited about I'll give you a little bite...just to keep you focused. I will listen to your words and hear what you aren't saying and match you passion for passion. ( excerpt)

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could do a 4 generation with dad and grandpa holding - and great-grandpa kissing forehead

This one got me a little emotional... Precious! (alt: father kissing mom's forehead, mom kissing baby's forehead)

blanket / love the forehead kiss

nothing like a kiss on the forehead from daddy to say everything is going to be okay! even at the age of 19!

engagement/wedding photo shoot ideas Joshua kisses my forehead when we leave each other never fails....I love it!!!!

You kissing my forehead is a very intimate feeling ! It makes me close my eyes to enjoy your loving lips.

in the garden - this is how Ellie's hair is. just before Jon finds them - kisses her forehead. both close their eyes. places his hands over her ears before the forehead kiss

kissing the top of my head or forehead. That screams I LOVE YOU in the softest, sweetest, quietest and most assuring way.

Newborn picture with sibling. I'll be doing this with both of my nieces, the older one holding him and the younger one kissing his forehead!

love daddy & bump shots.. add funny bits like ear buds or stethoscope.. daddy reading a car mag, quantum physics book, etc for levity, fairytale for little girl? or classic kissing, forehead lean like this, or hug.

Although I'll always love the way you grab me and kiss me fiercely, nothing will ever beat forehead and nose kisses ♥

so this is love..{elopement shoot..great idea if you don't want a wedding..hire someone awesome to shoot some romantic photos of you anyways.. much cheaper!! *wink}

Reminds me of pride and prejudice when Elizabeth and Darcy meet in the meadow at sunrise....

almost every picture here :) The almost kiss, under the blanket, forehead kiss and leaning into each other smiling. IM SO EXCITED

Newborn picture with sibling. I'll be doing this with both of my nieces, the older one holding him and the younger one kissing his forehead!

That moment when a guy kisses you on the forehead & the butterflies so crazy inside♥

those simple kisses on the nose, or cheek, or forehead that make your heart skip a beat

You Already Take Me There | Teen Photograph About teens, silhouettes, couple, sunset, kissing forehead, teenagers, romance, love, kiss in the sunset and shadow

Cute couple forehead kisses

He pet her cheek softly, tracing the dark lines that connected to her temples. "Soon my love. There's just a few people standing in our way," he said. Her eyes flashed open and be could see the blood lust in her eyes. She said, "Name them. I will dispose of them." He grinned a terrible grin and kissed her forehead. "All in good time."