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Front Yard Fence

we could totally do this to our front yard just not sure if the fence would look too much

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Totally building a picket fence around the play house!

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A Trellis Trio: These trellises do the work of a fence, a screen, and a vine pole. They can provide privacy, serve as an arbor, or simply spruce up a corner of your yard.

How to make a picket fence: A white picket fence is a classic front-yard look, and it works just as well with a country house as a city one.

.grrreat pin showing how flowers and a 3 foot picket fence along front yard (and maybe all sides) can give dramatic curb appeal to your home!!!!!!!!!!

A sidewalk garden is a great way to add color to your front-yard! More front-yard sidewalk-garden ideas:

cottage-garden-flowers...nasturtium, delephiniums, digitalis, iris spikes....great colours.

Loving these cutouts. Going to do my own design for the front yard wood fence to soften it a bit since will be solid wood.

Split Rail Fence Garden. Would be beautiful by the road in the front yard.

corner planter fence | Corner Fence, idea for corner of front yard

front yard landscaping ideas with a fence | This small picket fence garden has evolved into both a perennial and ...

Neighborly Front Yard....Set the fence back. Placing a low fence or wall back a few feet from the edge of the sidewalk allows room for planting, and plants provide visual interest for pedestrians....... cheerful daisies

A simple arch (with gate!) leading into the deer-proof garden, with much longer pickets of the fence, would be lovely. Don't need overly fancy stuff.

Here's another urban coop that has made good use of land space by keeping it right up next to a fence. this leaves the bulk of the yard for other activities and needs while giving the hens a front row seat to all the action!

front yard fencing idea

Low-Maintenance Landscape, rear of yard near fire pit. a white pine dominates against a wooden fence.A globe blue spruce bridges the divide between path and trees behind it. Pulmonaria and ferns offer hardy growth patterns with little TLC.

3 Tips on How to Hide a Chain Link Fence .. (1) Paint it green to blend in with the yards around it (2) Plant climbing plants near it to climb up intertwine with it (3) Plant beautiful full plants in front of it to mask the front of it. -- Website gives a break down of what types of flowers they use for these tasks.

Lattice fence to hide HVAC unit and can be used as a trellis to grow flowers! I plan to add a light to the front 2 poles to add additional yard lighting!

"When landscape designer David Ellis bought this Virginia-Highland home in 1997, the front yard was filled with dead shrubs, poison ivy and crab grass. "There was nothing worth saving," said Ellis, of Ellis LanDesign. He added the rustic fence and uses topiary-like holly trees, foxgloves and flowering vines such as clematis and roses for a decidedly English touch."

Easy Front Yard Garden Plan. free Planting Guide for this garden includes a larger version of the illustration, a detailed layout diagram, a list of plants for the garden as shown, and complete instructions for installing the garden

England, Bibury Fence Country Garden - thought is to do a fence like this (similar to the one at the back of our house ... yes it's not a privacy fence but we're not doing a swimming pool so I think it could be a possibility ... plus it would show off our beautiful yard ... either that or do a fence around the front yard ... if allowed by the association

Blue Morning Glories..put in a hanging pot, and they will grow downwards.

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