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Front Yard Fence

Plain and boring backyard designs can be an eye sore. These creative garden decorations and backyard designs can inspire you to create unique installations, vertical gardens or fence decor, turning yo

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A former neighbor made a dry creek bed through her front yard, under a wooden fence and through her back yard. It was functional and added a distinctive look to her yard.

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Low fence for front yard

Front Yard Fence, Privacy Fence, Dark Fence Gates and Fencing Stock & Hill Landscapes, Inc Lake Stevens, WA

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories..put in a hanging pot, and they will grow downwards. Beautiful i want a bunch of these around my house ! But I don't have any pillars or anywhere to hang them except maybe on the privacy fence in my front yard?! Hmmm

A simple arch (with gate!) leading into the deer-proof garden, with much longer pickets of the fence, would be lovely. Don't need overly fancy stuff.

we could totally do this to our front yard just not sure if the fence would look too much

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Iron gates - I so want these and the fence to go with them....all around the front yard....mmmmmm

Pretty pink climbing roses on white fence; this is another idea for the side yard in front. We know we want roses...climbing and others....Joe and i are looking for a variety of colors. We planned this last summer and now I have a picture. This is much what we talked about.

front yard fence - i would like this

this is the type of fence I want to put around the front of the yard, perfect height, color...

This is exactly what I want to do in the front by the shade garden. Our neighbor's downspout pours directly into our yard and it floods constantly. If I can make a little creek bed with river rock and/or small stones to go around the shade garden, under the fence, and into our pop up drain, that would be fantastic! And save so many of my plants that hate wet feet.

I keep thinking I want to put in a low fence and line with flowers on both sides, creating beauty AND less lawn to mow....

Vertical garden of ferns! How about a variation of this leaning against the south side of the front yard or the north fence in the back yard?

Friends don’t let friends use vinyl fence | Tiek Built Homes

I think that we would use the front yard more if it had a small fence to separate us from the street.

garden fence.... but would also be a cheap way to make a fenced in yard.... once you have it up, you plant things in front of the fence which grow and use the fence as a trellis... and you get privacy in the making.

Front Yard Landscape Design I am going to try to accomplish this in my back yard all along my privacy fence...all the way around...should have it done it two years or less....that's my goal....

front yard garden--love it. could create a small garden from a big green yard with fence and plants

flip it - another thought is putting the "shelf" on the front porch side (behind the swing) with trailing plants in front of the porch, hostas below, gate in front of cans and air conditioner thingie, and the lattice fence blocking off the neighbor's yard

Staggered horizontal fence for back yard driveway privacy, or way around fencing regulations for side/front yard?