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Unfortunate Sign Burnouts. Truly, unfortunate.

The Walking Dead funny memes

Check out this funny meme!Hilarious meme from the house of funny

Memebase - All Your Memes Are In Our Base - internet memes, advice animals, memes, trending, funny, - Cheezburger

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1) When a person cries and the first drop of tears comes from the right eye, it's from happiness. But the first roll is from the left, it is pain. 2) If you cry from the both eyes at the same time, YOU PROBABLY STEPPED ON A LEGO.

Lol so true. Jane probably had like Idk 9 living rooms...but that would mean 8 sofas would be in each..Yea these are sooo realistic...

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Grumpy Cat Throwback Thursday | Funny Memes

Merle: Doesn't find Daryl funny - The Walking Dead

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Farker lilyspad posted this voluptuous unicorn in this weekend's Caturday thread on Fark

funny meme with a cat wearing a paper bag over his head quoting a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Funny nursing memes----

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Game of Thrones funny

funny disney memes | Funny memes - [Disney insults and comebacks] - so much sass!

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