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Fur Coat

Paris Fashion Week street style. [Photo by Kuba Dabrowski]

  • Denise

    Who wants to look like a mean bitch draped in dead animals?!

  • Lacey Hickel

    Ma lady belle you must be dum because that is a poor animal that some bitch killed so I think you and all your kind are big cowards

American Retro Marjo Faux Fur Coat & Precious Pearl Shades

Christine Centenera balances a heavy fur coat with a slinky pencil skirt and pumps

Fall/ winter outfit ideas. Jeans. Scarf. NYWF: All bundled up in a green fur coat

Light brown FAUX fur coat - mine's short, though.. & the faux is VERY important!

  • Rhiannon

    Here's an idea, sew it yourself. Faux fur coats are actually very easy. If you have any knowledge of sewing, and can access a sewing machine, you can make one. And you would know it's not dog cuz dog skin doesn't look knit on the back (*⌒▽⌒*) plus, you'd save money.

  • Christine

    Yeah you have to know where your stuff comes from. A lot of designers are using dog fur now and calling it faux fur.

  • Rhiannon

    Just because yours was, does not mean they all were. I am very sorry for your experience though, it'd be horrible to find that out!

  • Christine

    This may not be faux. It may be Chinese dogs. I checked a "faux" fur collar on a coat I received as a gift. It is from an animal. I just cannot wear it.

Hmmm. I actually have a white fur coat just like grandmothers...maybe I will break it out!

black on black ! faux fur coat, leather pants, high heel booties #perfectoutfit

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So soft and comfortable, every woman should be lucky enough to feel the pure luxury of a #FurCoat. www.fursbygartenh...

23 Winter Fashion Trends

Hooded Sable & Mink Fur Coat ... wouldn't mind having this gorgeous coat!

Always be on alert for the animal inside waiting to be unleashed... www.williamhharri...

  • Amanda Hernandez

    Either that or you are s total fake & like getting reactions. Either way both come from a sick mind.

  • Amanda Hernandez

    So as long as the pelt is ok it doesn't matter what pain, horror & fear they went through? I think in all your postings you have proved what kind of person you are ....One with no heart no soul & no conscious. I think you must lead a very unhappy sad life, for someone who has no empathy for other beings must truly be narcissistic. It's a mental illness & I pray one day you recognize this & get help.

  • luxury sable

    Now you're talking , Amanda, the key words everything is done so as not to harm there heavenly pelts, music to my ears.

  • Amanda Hernandez

    No Alex there is nothing humane about meat but this pin & post is about fur.

  • Alex

    There is nothing humane about meat but I don't see you getting your knickers in a bunch over a picture of a hamburger.

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Fur coat with stockings and booties. Fun color! #fur #winterfashion #hswardrobe

  • luxury sable

    No fur is elegant, stylish, warm and ever so luxurious.

  • Amanda Hernandez

    Why can't you be comfortable in your own skin.? Why do you think that you have a right to something that's not rightfully yours? Fur is cruel & inhumane. Somehow I don't think a just & loving God would approve his creations being electrocuted & skinned alive all in the name of narcissistic greed.

  • luxury sable

    You're not a fur hag, you just appreciate beauty

  • Ralphine' Noir

    Proud fur hag!

  • Denise

    Before you call someone else an idiot, take a good long look in the mirror, fur hag.

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Silver Fox Fur Coat & Hat... aka official uniform of the Fur Hat Appreciation Society & Book Club

Fur coat crush... Ashley Olsen.

Silver Fox Fur Coat: LOVE Fur coats, they're so soft, as long as they're natural, I'd wear them! Hate faux fur

Sable Fur Coat. I'm a big fan....

26 Modern Street Style ‹ ALL FOR FASHION DESIGN

Would love to get a great faux fur coat but I'm not sure I'd wear it much after this holiday.

A girl can never have too many fur coats...

great waterfall fur coat

Yea.. well.. I'm a little too old for this look but my friend Jenna would do it justice... It would great on her!