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Galaxy Painting

a few liquid watercolor ideas ... crayons beforehand to draw stars and planets, and then paint over with watercolor to make a cool galaxy

"Swirling Galaxy" and abstract acrylic painting on canvas by KJ of This painting is available in a variety of sizes and also as iPhone and iPad cases. It is a must have for any college dorm, or teenagers bedroom. Original home decor your friends will be truly jealous of!

Galaxy by Fritz Trautmann Oil on Canvas, 1942. Depth of field is amazing!

moon & stars ----> background galaxy, faded moon with dripping stars around to form constellations?

Stars - Mountain Pine Trees silhouetted in a night sky with a galaxy of stars - 6" X 9" Original Watercolor Painting Christie Elder Ussher. Tenthouhalogen Breaking The Dawn. Music by: The Glitch Mob We Can Make The World Stop Im looking for a Sponsor contact me! I recoreded the video with the GoPro Hero 2, fire painting. Painted, Planets, galaxy, solar system, black hole, universe, nebula, explosion, ocean waves, n is sexy hot video. h...

dreamcatcher painting! this one I love it kind of represents that your dreams are huge such as with the galaxy background.

“Naissance d’une galaxie” (1969) - A painting by Max Ernst. From the Beyeler Fondation Collection.

cup w/ universe in it. Learn how to paint or color galaxy

Frank Kelly Freas painting for Rails Across The Galaxy by Andrew Offutt Richard Lyon, 1982

“Naissance d’une galaxie” (1969) - A painting by Max Ernst. From the Beyeler Fondation Collection.

Galaxy painting?

Galaxy Painting: How-To I have always loved these. One day I will do one for myself! :D

Evan Lee's "Swift Sleipnir" from Applibot's "Galaxy Saga"

My own galaxy painting :) Using purple, teal blue, white, silver, black, and dark pink acrylic paint and a regular sponge.