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Great tutorial to create a simple garbage can storage area. Step-by-step photos and detailed instructions. Put this together in one morning....

I like the shelves and garbage can in between... Laundry Room Decor :: The Lily Pad Cottage's clipboard on Hometalk :: Hometalk Redo the shelving and put wallpaper or dark red paint behind washer

Hiding the big blue garbage can, compost bin and recycling boxes.

New Solid Maple Wood Sage Green Garbage Bin Trash Can or Recycling Can Bin Storage Container via Etsy

I need this...or someone t o make it for me! New Black Painted Wood Double Trash Bin Cabinet Garbage Can Tilt Out Doors. This would be nice for clothes hamper.

This is a great solution for that annoying little gap in between the dryer & the wall. Garbage can on the bottom for lint/used dryer sheets, and shelves above with baskets for storage.

What a great way to hide those ugly garbage cans!

Label Recycling Change family habits by positioning recycling bins in a prominent location. Clearly labeled containers make it easy for young children and guests to stick with the program. "Consider your garbage can and recycling bin as a few of your organizing tools," says Stephanie Denton in The Organized Life. "The larger they are, the more likely you are to use them."

Empire-State-of-Prep/ flowers, lighting, pics, garbage can

I especially like the upper right photo -- a pull out chopping board with a hole that leads to the garbage can.

Ask for cupboard in this color snd finish. Primitive Garbage Can Trash Bin Cupboard Cover by redroosterbab. , via Etsy.

Multi-functional kitchen island with tons of storage. Hidden pull-out garbage can is installed at one end of kitchen island whilst mini spice pantry is installed next to built-in microwave nook.

Kitchen decor, Kitchen designs, Kitchen decorating ideas - Cutting board drawer over the garbage can pull out

Camouflaging An Eyesore garbage can cover, looks like bead board, lattice and edging, the hinges have rods that could be moveable, to pin it into the ground so it doesn't blow over. DIY

Outdoor Hideaway Screen, a large old metal fireplace screen would do

Cute re-purpose idea. Garbage can hamper :) need to make this ASAP!!

If you have some sewing ability you can make old couch cushions into some really cool floor pillows.

Tom Howley - kitchens - hidden garbage can, hidden garbage cabinet, pull out garbage can, garbage can cabinet, white kitchen cabinets, granite countertops,

Build a home recycling center It's easy to close the back door and pretend that the jumble of recycling bins and garbage cans outside doesn't exist--but that only works when you're in the house. Building a short lean-to just big enough to hold everything solves the problem, and you can put it together in one weekend.

Wow! I would leave my trash can in the living room! How amazingly cool is this! Make A Plastic Garbage Can Look High End - by VIctoria Larsen Stencils

narrow single-use Mistral cabins are a charming foil for an outdoor shower or toilet, a covered room for your garbage can, as a dressing room or as a compact garden shed.

In this article, we’ll show you the tools and techniques you need to get a smooth, durable finish on concrete. We’ll also tell you how to know when the concrete is ready for each phase of the finishing process. Whether you’re pouring a small slap of concrete, like a pad for your garbage can, or a large slab for a patio, these DIY steps will guide you through the process.