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Proverbs 31:24 - She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles to the merchant

60s Italian Lingerie Ad onsie girdle bra all in one style black lace

Sears catalog (circa 1950s) Vintage girdles and suspender belts

Kiss Me Deadly open bottom girdle with built in bra

If that's not a Cold War missile design, I never wore a bikini in my life.

Pin up

Sophisticated black satin and lace .Girdle. Vintage lingerie . #vintage #lingerie

complete fashion

pinup pin-up

vintage 1930s Peach corset fan Pulley Lace girdle garters


Basic 40's/50's undergarments

Henrician Period Kirtle and Gown-'EXCERPT: 'A lady would be wearing the following layers:A smock (chemise), Hose and shoes, A petticoat, A kirtle,A gown, False undersleeves (foresleeves), Girdle, Headdress (a French or English hood, or a coif and a flat cap)Optional – a farthingale: a hoop skirt in linen or in silks, with rope, reeds or cane hoopsPartlet – either a linen neckerchief, often decorated with embroidery, or made in silks, wool and sometimes fur (particularly for later styles).'

Toni Frissell, 1938




Let's just keep in mind HOW those great figures were shaped....

Vintage Lingerie, Cat Women, Vintage Advertis, Vintage Modern, 1950, Vintage Ads, Bullets Bra, Perma Lifting, Vintage Movie

1950s underwear - Google Search

Smooths in Her Own Way Garter Skirt by Rago - Black, Pink, Solid, Bows, Pinup, Vintage Inspired, 40s, 50s, High Waist, Sheer

5 Vintage-Inspired Girdles Perfect for Everyday Wear | The Lingerie Addict | Lingerie For Who You Are

Reading in a Formfit. "Life by Formfit" illustration for advertisement. 1949. "Have you despaired of ever seeing your figure as beautiful as hers? Don't give up yet! Her figure may be no more perfect than yours. But she has discovered what millions of other lovely women already know-that the look of figure perfection is now possible. Life Bra and Life Girdle by Formfit working together correct your entire figure matter what your figure faults! The secret is ours!"