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Girl Quote Tattoos

Vintage Quote Tattoo For Sexy Girls

I think this is wear i want my tattoo

Possible tattoo, e.e. Cummings - somewhere less noticeable - for my unborn babies ♥

Indigo girls quote tattoo. Finally did it!

Only nothing is impossible but on collar bone

Hot quote tattoo for girls -

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Maybe a few Bible verses in tiny letters around the ankle." As i walk through the valley of the shadow of death i will fear no evil for thou art with me." Charming Black Foot Quote Tattoos for Girls - Best Foot Quote Tattoos for Girls

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So cute u could even do a diff quote but the one here is still cute

"Sexy Love Quote Tattoos for Girls - Hot Love Quote Tattoos for Girls" Translated for retards = "I'm pretty, so I don't have to try and improve upon myself". That's not "hot love"...that's fucking retarded!

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Don't want the tattoo. Just saw the quote and it's so applicable to me right now.

Ok folks... This is the tattoo placement I'm hopefully going to get soon (but with a quote about dogs). All in memory of my stinky sweet Bailey. Can't wait to finally honor the best damn dog a girl could have ever had as a best friend

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