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This is absolutely beautiful what a awesome idea and a beautiful way to put your children or your grandchildren or whomever and wear them with pride and a loving heart. always on the wings of butterflies!!!!!!!

Grandchildren Tattoos - Bing Images

May you touch dragonflies and stars dance with fairies and talk to the moon ♥

Tattoo idea! Maybe super petite with white ink. Each of my children's names.--maybe, if I feel brave...big IF there

Foot tattoo birds.. represent my grandchildren... diff color bird for each birthstone & maybe a quote?

Grandchildren Tattoos | Tattoo ideas to represent multiple grandchildren? - Yahoo! UK ...

right up there with gramma saying "you are going to be about as happy as you make up your mind to be"

I want to get this in honor of my grandma rose who had cancer that spread through her body and eventually killed her. She was one of the most loving person I know and would give anything to make her grandchildren smile. RIP GRAMMY ROSE. it's been quite a few years but it still seems like just yesterday. ❤️

Three Hearts On Foot, for my grandchildren. Love you always

the best thing we can do is think in healthy AND helpful ways. Healthy thinking is thinking about something in a balanced way. Balanced thinking means looking at all factors in a situation —the good, the bad, and the neutral—and then deciding how you feel about it.

Art Cool art project to do with the kiddos! Make 4! One for each season in the appropriate seasonal colors! fun-stuff-for-the-kids

Autism tattoo... "Autism is a journey I didn't plan but I sure do love my tour guide."

So very true for my deceased husband, my children and grandchildren! ♥

Dragonfly poem (for my Mom - fond memories of days talking about gardens her teaching the grandchildren about the dragonflies with fairies that ride on their backs to look after the garden.)

grandchildren tattoos designs - Bing Images


Both my sisters thumb prints tatooed on my wrist...? rap This is a great idea to use my grandchildrens thumb prints to make a flower. rap

Grandchildren Tattoos

The Moon and Falling Stars Tattoo-Love you to the moon and back..stars for children and grandchildren

Weirdest grandparents