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I liked this poster because it includes things like "Join in for Justice" as part of "Green Living". Social movements and change are extremely important to a sustainable world because there is inequality and exploitation among us everywhere we look; people, resources, or land, it makes no difference. Justice and education, which is what this poster advocates, are our tools for a better world.

Going green doesn't have to be complicated and it saves your hard-earned money. (From the fab @aliciavoorhies)

45 Simple Sustainable Habits You Need To Adopt Eco Friendly Habits for Simple Sustainable Living

Even BPA-free is not totally safe. Protect your health and end your relationship with plastic! 10 simple ways how.

this site has TONS of natural recipes so that you don't use products with harmful chemicals<<< definitely going to try this during the summer! i think it would be great for my sensitive skin!

we're big into green living. check out 50 ways to reuse simple household things;) #greenworksgames #sponsored

41 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Money -- Totally going to look into purchasing cloth napkins!!!

35+ ways to reuse glass jars. Lots of great ideas and tutorials!

9 easy ways to use less #plastic. This means less plastic in our #oceans! Here’s an excellent list of 9 easy ways to decrease how much plastic you use in everyday life.

"The Naturally Clean Home" by Karyn Siegele-Maier features 150 easy green cleaning recipes. Read an excerpt from this book on how to make eight homemade cleaners using essential oils.

revamp homegoods: Green Living: Homemade All-Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent

DIY: Make mini garden for decoration Cool DIY Green Living Wall Projects For Your Home

Green Living Thrifty Frog: Homemade Foot Detox

ctions about getting rid of extra doses (some medications should be flushed). Many communities have drug take-back programs, in which unused drugs are properly disposed of. Otherwise, the FDA recommends mixing pills with coffee grounds, kitty

Cellular and honeycomb shades will help you reduce both heat loss (up to 86 percent) and gain (up to 80 percent) in one fell swoop. #greentip #earthday

#Livegreen, help the environment, save the planet. Visit to find out how you can make your home greener with #solarpower!

Organic waste in landfills are huge contributors to greenhouse emissions. Think Compost!

Moments With My Miracles: Intentional Green Living // dry laundry soap, non-clumpy dish detergent

Start here to find out the top ways to go green with these green living tips. www.dogwoodallian...

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