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Grief Activities

Revitalize Counseling Services: Loss and Grief - Activities to Help You Grieve

School Counselor Blog: Blouse Box + Creativity = Memory Box I make memory boxes as an activity during my grief and loss groups. Memory boxes allow students a special place to keep mementos of their loved one. I also use the memory boxes as a place for students to store items we create during our group. At the end of the group students take their memory boxes home with them.

This free product, the Stages of Grief Activity (from Grief Counseling Sessions Guide), lets your student explore the grief process and identify th...

4 Square Emotions an activity to help release disappointment, grief, loss...

4 square grief counseling activity

Elmo's cousin Jessie shows Elmo her memory box, a place she keeps things that remind her of her dad. Making a memory box like Jessie's is a great activity for children coping with the death of someone special. #childlife #grief

This idea is so versatile that it won't have to be specific to grief. I'll consider using it in groups.

Grief is Like a Snowflake Activity and Idea Book by Julia Cook. $9.95. Author: Julia Cook. Publication: September 15, 2011. Publisher: National Center for Youth Issues; Sup Tch edition (September 15, 2011)

Grief Expression Play Dough Activity (Personifying “Death”)

Why Did You Die?: Activities to Help Children Cope with Grief and Loss by Ellen Goldring LPC. $12.37. Reading level: Ages 6 and up. Publication: April 1, 2008. Publisher: Instant Help; Workbook edition (April 1, 2008)

Balloon anger activity - Also used this activity with grief for a girl who lost her grandfather. He had been in the military so she wrote a note to him, placed it in a helium balloon. Had the balloon filled and sent it into the heavens with a little ceremony. I did not believe it had that much of an impact; however, mother reported that the child talked about it for weeks afterwards.