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Grief Activities

Healing Heart - used in a group where each person wrote down their hurt/grief and then decorated it. The heart was then put together with bandaids. Great first session activity to get children/teens to share their story.

When Families Grieve - Find links to activities that help children deal with grief, and get additional advice and support—from PBS KIDS, PBS Parents, and beyond.

Preview of Grief Counseling Sessions Guide- Stages of Grief Activity ( in Spanish and English) This free product lets your student explore the grief process and identify their place in it. A followup collage activity encourages the student to reflect on their feelings, the first stop on the road to feeling better. Download it @ www.bilinguallear....

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Revitalize Counseling Services: Loss and Grief - Activities to Help You Grieve

"Art" activity (no skill required!) to see the range of emotions that come with #grief and how they evolve over time. Great for kids and adults.

Tree of Hope Activity - wonderful website full of grief activities and experientials

4 square grief counseling activity

[ Love Box - " a callaboration in mixed media " / Children's Art Therapy ] collect heart shaped ones around Valentines's Day - ask teachers to donate their empty boxes to you... Use for a grief/loss group activity

Healing Heart activity for grief/loss related groups - Make a big heart, cut it apart, have students draw/write on it, and then put it together like a puzzle with band-aids

A great idea from a counselor. She painted a tree on the wall and had the students put their handprints on the tree as a culminating activity for small group or individual work. Her plans are to add to the tree over the years. They will be adding flowers (friendship), clouds (worry), and even raindrops (grief groups) as her students complete this work of art.

Story Lanterns - good grief activity. They can add the story to one side of the lantern and then a picture to the other side and light it whenever they're missing the person.

Tools for Grieving Children with Lynea Gillen, MS Children carry grief in their bodies, hearts and minds in the same way that adults do, but they process it in different ways depending on their age level. In this powerful lecture, Lynea Gillen discussing how to create an environment for children that allows them to express their grief through movement, art and story. Yoga Calm activities and children's books that help with loss, including Lynea's new book, will also be explored.

This free product, the Stages of Grief Activity (from Grief Counseling Sessions Guide), lets your student explore the grief process and identify th...

COPE INTO HOPE: Grief Counseling Sessions Guide with Activities gives you a clear plan on how to help your student through the grief process. With 4 sessions of gentle, soothing activities, your student will learn strategies for understanding the life-changing event they are experiencing and for moving forward with hope. Read more at bilinguallearner....

Graffiti Wall: great creative activity to support kids coping with grief and other emotions.

A Thanksgiving Grief Activity for Kids (and grown-ups) - What's Your Grief - Memory lantern

Healthy ideas and activities for young children experiencing grief.

beginning of the year activity - kids write their goals for the year as they are reaching for the stars.

Grief Activity Books for Kids 3-9 - What's Your Grief

Helpful for children coping with the death of a loved one.. I use some of these activities in my Children's Grief Group

Grief Survival Kit and other grief activities modified from Pinterest ideas. GREAT! I made one of these a few years ago and I carry it with me wherever I go! It really is amazing.

great grief activity for kids - for Thanksgiving or any time!

The Dice Game is a play therapy technique to help children express their thoughts and feelings on issues such as divorce, grief, bullying, anger management, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.