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make your own hanging shelves. I could do this with the old book case shelves, rope, and a couple of hooks

DIY Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter - Vintage Revivals

Fantastic planter, and 12 other DIY Spring Projects For Your Apartment And Wardrobe.

Start hanging things like tights, belts, and purses. | 26 Resolutions To Keep You Organized In 2013

Hanging plants

Beautiful Garden Hanging Basket - A garden is just a planned space, usually outdoors, put aside for that display, cultivation, and enjoyment of crops and other styles of character.

DIY Garden Hanging Bed, I would like to have one of these hanging in my backyard.

DIY plant hanging station - great idea for small gardens #homesfornature

The benifits of a hanging cradle- Not only is it amazing at gently lowling a baby to sleep, but it will start to gently sway anytime the baby moves, helping them put themselves back to sleep.

Copper and Triangles Wall Hanging Tutorial by Rachel Denbow for A Beautiful Mess

I really think I will make this one. Must convince the cat it isn't her new bed.

hanging #jardins ...interesting idea. I always wanted hanging baskets on my porch, but the plastic or wood containers at the nursery are not very attractive.

Hang pictures without the trial and error: 1. Trace pictures onto brown kraft paper and cut out. Label each of the papers with a description of the picture or a corresponding number. 2. Using blue painter's tape (which won't pull up wall paint), tape the papers to the wall. Experiment with arrangements until you have one you like. 3. Install picture-hanging hardware directly through the paper. Pull paper away and hang pictures one by one.

Drapery really finishes off a room, giving it a polished feel. To give your space the illusion of height or width, follow this helpful guide!

****Tips for making big and beautiful hanging containers**** Excellent directive!!!

The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Baskets by Ambius - small design touches for the exterior of your home!

DIY Project: A Simple Hanging Garden

Morocco Hanging Basket Planter Too bad i struggle with my hanging plants in Oklahoma... :(