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Hanging Hats

How to make a multipurpose rack: Have you twigged yet? Yes, it’s a quirky multipurpose rack crafted from sticks. You may see a pile of branches and think of only firewood but, before striking a match, look again and visualise sturdy posts with built in pegs, ideal for hanging hats, bags and scarves.

Organize your hats. Diy by hanging a towel bar, or any bar, on wall. Add hooks. Hang up your hats so that each one is in clear view. Optimum space organization ideas for a clean & happy home.

Clothes Hanger and Wall Art all in one. woodworking-hanger

Clear up entryway clutter with a simple coat and hat rack that you can build in about an hour. Use the types of hooks that fit the items you want to hang.

DIY Hat Storage: Take a piece of twine and some metal art clips (the kind with holes in the top). Tie art clips about a foot apart on the twine, hang it from the wall or ceiling and attach your hats. Great for storing on a closet wall or back of a door. Going to try this with my boys' growing collection of baseball hats.

DIY pipe shelf with "S" hools for hanging hats, jackets, etc. repurposed. industrial. home decor. design.

Clever and attractive storage for swimsuits and other swim supplies: mount two large cup hooks and hang a bag from them. Could also us as storage for winter accessories: hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

PVC pipe attached close to ceiling using curtain hangers, add on S hooks and decorative chain or rope... whatever, Good to hang those hats on.

This is how I organized my son's hat collection. All items are from IKEA and the total cost was around $15 to hang 50 hats.

DIY Hanging Baseball Hat Storage - Thankfully I can get a good idea from the image, when "clicked" upon - the link goes to a fitness website instead..!

Large Over-the-Door Hanging Hat Rack | zulily

Inside of armoire closet doors for boys and on wall of Aarons closet ...except I would put the hats above the ties and instead of trim deliniating the space, placing all the hooks on a board and hanging the board on the wall. That way it wouldn't look odd for the belts to hang below the board.

Hat organization: I struggled to find a way to keep all our hats organized until I came up with this idea! I strung two cotton ropes across my available wall space, securing it with pushpins. Then just hung up the hats using clothespins. This is right by our back door, making it easy to grab a hat on the way out! My husband even remembers to hang his hat back up when he comes in!

basket hanging inside closet door for gloves hats scarves-can use a hook on bottom for hanging scarves or purses

D.I.Y. Wall Decor Display for hanging hats - I just did this, white sticky crafting squares and clothes pins, voila! 2 bucks later, I have a cute display of hats on my closet door.

Need to find some jars now...I'm thinking one of these on one end of a board and hooks on the rest for hanging hats or deco.

Clothes pin are a great way hang hats. probably used a commando strip for the clothes pins.

Use an old window for hanging hats or scarfs.

Use hanging drawers in closets so children can reach the lower drawers, and you can make use of space all the way to the floor. Here--hats, mittens, etc. stored for each person in the family with their own drawer. You could even fit jackets in the drawers for young kids--teach them to put them away/get them out on their own! :) #mom tips #harvardhomemaker

Want this in my closet! ....maybe get a Forever 21 hat and cut a hole on the top? (Physicist's note: make sure to get one made of 100% polyester to prevent fire hazard.)

shower curtain hooks to hang hats (or scarves would work, too!)

Love this- I would like one outside to hang a harvest apron, hats, bandannas, and some gloves