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Hay Bale Pool

How To Build A Hay Bale Swimming Pool~~This is pretty awesome....and you can build it as deep as you want...lolol

Build Your Own Swimming Pool From Bales Of Hay - DIY redneck pool! - for Lauren and Grant next summer? @Mandy Skelly @Steve Dodd

Hay pool - Love this idea! Could probably use other items besides hay bales to secure the plastic, for a non-permanent pool. Anything to cool off in this heat! :D

Hay bale pool.I would love to make a small one that could be set up/torn down and set up again another time!

Swimming pool from bales of hay

This looks fantastic - bales of hay either side on a slope. A big tarp. Lots of summer fun! Oh I am such a big kid!

How to make an awesome Slip 'n Slide: 1.) Buy 6 Mil construction plastic at Lowe's and plastic landscaping spikes to stake plastic down on sides. Double plastic at the start for reinforcement. 2.) Colored duck tape - tape down the sides & to cover tops of stakes 3.) Put hay bales at the end of the slide -suggest 2 deep, at least 4 across and 2 high 4.) Place several 3-4 inner tubes in front of bales for cushioning 5.) Put baby soap & water on slide and add pool toys. Slide at your own risk.

Hay Bale pool - a little redneck but very cool too - if we ever had a big piece of land

Hay bales + tarp + twine = Redneck Pool Party!

Hay bale pool!

Doing this next year, Bahaha

Haybale pool awesomeness

How To Build A Hay Bale Swimming Pool

Year ends in hay-bale pool

temporary swimming pool - made with straw bales

DIY Swimming Pool Using... Hay Bales. Could be a fun family project!

I could totally see this in our back yard while hubby shoots his guns!lol

Three Irish lads build their own swimming pool from bales of hay

DIY pool bale bales hay summer lounge

Country pool idea! plus if you want to make it deeper stack more Hay bales on top! AWESOME!!!