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Heartbeat Tattoos

Babies first heartbeat tattoo... I'm soooo getting this for my little Mason!

Memorial tattoo ~ My Dad's last heartbeat and date he passed.

I absolutely love this idea! Get a tattoo of your child's heartbeat.

I've always been partial to this tattoo

music keeps my heart beating. i love that concept of a heartbeat in the staff. Do i see a possible tattoo of this in the future...i think so :)

"She brought her hand between them enough to feel his heartbeat. It was rapid, erratic, but still the same, still Teddren."

Like how the heartbeat flows into the babies name

Heartbeat tattoo, pulse tattoo, arm tattoo

Love the infinity symbol & wanted a heartbeat so this is kinda awesome to me..

Faith EKG Tattoo. I'd like the ekg to be a little longer though

Heartbeat tattoos- I want the first heartbeat of every child I ever have on my side ♥

nursing school tattoo, cute idea for all my friends in nursing

I may do this tattoo sans words & feet. Also, incorporate the ED recovery symbol and colors of recovery (purple) and survivors (blue & teal).

Get River's name then add on if we have more kids. Love how it looks like a heartbeat

Heartbeat Tattoo...Mine

cute tattoos | Tumblr

  • Brandi Young

    Hey, I'd like to use this picture and modify it a little bit for a shirt for my Christian worship band organization at college. I'd like your permission first though, so we don't get into any copyright problems. Please let me know if I can use it. Thanks!

  • Stacey Kenyon

    I just got this done using my kids' actual lead 2 EKG readings! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Abby Morocz

    If you're gonna get an ECG tattoo at least do it accurately lol

  • Neesa O'Donald

    My next tattoo

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tattoo with every heartbeat neck

heartbeat tattoo with name - Google Search

I want this, but with it saying "all things are temporary"

with every heartbeat tattoo - Google Search