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Heartbeat Tattoos

My ED recovery tattoo. My heart is still beating desipte my ups and downs.

First heartbeat with kids name tattoo Absolutely love this! Would have to contact doc for both kids heartbeat sonogram readings, but love it!!

I love the place of this tattoo “Love you with every heartbeat..i miss you” you know what...i'd get a tattoo for my guy anyday xD if i had a guy, that is. maybe. idk.

Memorial tattoo ~ My Dad's last heartbeat and date he passed.

I know some sewing, knitting, and quilting friends that would get this "tat" in a heartbeat. Cool one

heartbeat tattoos | HelLHounDsix (hellhoundsix) on We Heart It

MY heartbeat tattoo This is me, finally I did it! :)

Baby's heartbeat tattoo... I saved a print out, I might actually do this

Amazing wave tattoo. But i would want a heart in front of the wave instead of the first heartbeat.

Tattoo~ Love Heartbeat

music tattoo with heartbeat. to symbolize music is always close to my heart

Love the little mermaid one I would get it as a tattoo in a heartbeat

Elephant Hamsa. I would get this as a tattoo in a heartbeat!

@Melissa Squires Backovich Ariel tattoo... This, I may consider. :P

heartbeat tattoo @Sandra Pendle Pendle Vanderbeck Heyrich B

One of the most meaningful tattoos I have ever seen…I wish I had Moms last heartbeats and I would totally do this one.

this place has some of the most amazing tattoos I've ever seen, if I could afford it I'd get my first tatt there in a heartbeat! (Brucius Black And Blue Tattoo, San Francisco etching)

I love this tattoo idea and just the reason this girl got this tattoo. (Her story as you probably guessed is right after the slashes) //this is my second tattoo and I couldn't be happier with it. I was diagnosed with a heart condition over the summer where my heart no longer beats right. I got my heartbeat line tattooed on me because as long as I have a heartbeat, I am living. #Good tattoos for you.#Love it!#

My fav tattoo I have ❤️ my sons name with his heartbeat and his bday

Heartbeat tattoo. A symbol for suicide.

Heart beat tattoo.... want camrens actual heart beat.. with his name and the new babies ♥