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Henry Vii

Henry VII. After taking the throne, king Henry VII disarmed the nobility, a maneuver essential for consolidation and restoration of royal authority. The infamous Star Chamber was revived. He kept his promise to marry Elizabeth of York, thereby affirming his legitimacy. She bore him eight children, including the future King Henry VIII. An Historical Figure of England, Tudor Dynasty.

Pembroke Castle at Pembroke. Henry VII was born here and was the first king in the Tudor dynasty.

Tomb of Henry VII, Westminster Abbey, c. 1910

Jasper Tudor, Uncle of Henry VII

henry vii (tudor) sails to england | King Henry VII - Henry Tudor - of England was born at Pembroke Castle ...

Tomb Effigy of Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII and grandmother of Henry VIII, Margaret, and Mary Tudor

Children of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York: Arthur, Prince of Wales. Margaret, Queen of Scotland. Henry, King of England. Mary, Queen of France.

Just after winning the Battle of Bosworth Field, Henry VII is crowned atop Crown Hill, Stoke Golding, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Henry VII's death mask.

Albert Memorial Chapel built by Henry the VII.

The Wedding of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. He is my 16th GreatGrandfather and she is a 16th GreatGrandmother. The wedding took place 18 Jan. 1486

The 527-year-old Paradise State Bed of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, which was commissioned almost immediately after Henry VII was crowned to celebrate his marriage to Elizabeth of York and the end of the War of the Roses. The bed is covered in detailed carvings demonstrating the power and wealth of the new king. The headboard depicts Adam and Eve in likeness of the King and Queen, surrounded by the fruits of paradise which symbolize fertility and the couple’s hope for an heir.

Catherine de Valois Queen of England (1401-1437),daughter of Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria.

Princess Mary Tudor, Daughter of Henry VII, Sister of Henry VIII; Aunt to Elizabeth I

Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204). One of the most powerful women in European history. Wife of two kings (Louis VII king of France Henry II Plantagenet king of England) and mother of other three (Henry the Young King, Richard I Lionheart John I Lackland). Joined her military on the Crusades. Spent 16 years imprisoned. Poisoned her husband's mistress. Died a nun at 82 years old.

Arbella Stuart was a direct descendant of King Henry VII of England. As the only child of Charles Stuart, Earl of Lennox and Elizabeth Cavendish, she was a grandchild of Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox and Margaret Douglas, who was, in turn, the daughter of Margaret Tudor, widow of James IV of Scotland, mother of James V of Scotland, and daughter of England's Henry VII. Margaret Douglas was the product of Margaret Tudor's second marriage, to Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus

Edward V. and Richard, Duke of York-The Princes in the Tower-England’s King Edward IV. died leaving his sons in the care of his brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Richard placed the boys in the Tower of London in preparation of the eldest son, Edward’s, coronation. The boys disappeared in 1483 and Richard assumed the throne. It was long assumed that Richard ordered the Princes murdered. Some historians now theorize Henry VII. may have been responsible for their deaths.

Margaret Beaufort - Paternal grandmother of King Henry VIII. King Henry VII's mother. Promoted rebellion against King Edward IV his wife the"White Queen," but Edward prevailed. Years later, after Edward died, Edward's brother became King Richard III. Then Margaret's faction (Tudors) again rebelled deposed Richard; thus Margaret's son rose to be King Henry VII. For political alliance, Margaret the White Queen arranged the marriage of their offspring-Henry Elizabeth... SoniaSophia

Queen Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII, mother of Henry VIII, Margaret, Arthur, and Mary Tudor (posthumous portrait).

The thistle and the rose - Detail from the Treaty of Perpetual Peace (1502) between England and Scotland which was cemented by the marriage of James IV of Scotland to Princess Margaret, Henry VII’s daughter. The borders of this document illustrate the thistle (James’ emblem), the Tudor rose and the marguerete representing Margaret.

Lady Margaret Douglas,1546 Countess of Lennox. Daughter of Margaret Tudor, granddaughter of Henry VII, mother of Henry, Lord Darnley. She died, in poverty, on 9 March 1578 (New Style dating) and was buried at the expense of Elizabeth I, in the same grave as her son Charles in the south aisle of Henry VII's chapel in Westminster Abbey.

Arthur, Margaret, Henry, and Mary Tudor. The surviving children of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Prince of Wales, Queen of Scotland, King of England, and Queen of France.

Margaret Tudor, Queen Consort of Scotland, daughter of Henry VII, sister of Henry VIII, grandmother of Mary Queen of Scots