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hippie chic by shelly

Layered hippie jewelry, stacked boho bracelets. For MORE Bohemian fashion FOLLOW

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Hippie Tie Dye Smock Hem Skirt/Dress | HIPPIE CLOTHING | 80% Sale HIPPIE CLOTHING Now!! on

Hippie Headband, had to pin because my kids think we used to be hippies. lol

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Floppy pants Hippie Style

Modern gypsy fashion, boho chic style, hippie flair. For more bohemian ideas follow

Growing up, i always wished that i could be reborn in the 60s so that i could grow up to be a hippie. :) a girl can dream right?

Daisy High Waisted Denim Shorts by NovaClothing on Etsy

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Maxi skirts- Live in these during the summer

Sweet Boho Chic Styles & Modern Hippie Fashions on

Hippie Summer, created by jewhite76 on Polyvore

Hippie elephant. my kind of elephant... as long as the paint isn't a skin irritant. <-- hahahahahahaha

PEACOCK BAREFOOT sandals peacock feather beach wedding sole less shoes photography props HIPPIE foot jewelry beach. $90.00, via Etsy.

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Great motivation to slam the boards into the Eternal Combi and head for breaking waves, wherever we can find them. Like any creative voyage, begin!!

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I am all those things plus demented, antisocial, and a loner. I guess I am a BoHo - HoBo????

  • Carissa Kuzminski

    I think that last comment was just some jerk advertising there, Will. :P

  • William F (Bill) Hoover

    Those who wear "Boho", "Hippie", or "Gypsy" clothing and accessories that cost more than a couple bucks, are not home made or purchased at a thrift store are Style Freaks and not part of the 'real" culture.

  • Dhj5miivmea Young

    ????cheap!!!! Oakley sunglasses just need $24.99.

  • William F (Bill) Hoover

    @Kaleena Harvey, I agree with you. The real bohemian people made all their on colorful and and functional clothing. Most of those who embraced the Hippie culture either made their own or recycled thrift store items in a new way. I like homemade - handmade clothing. Those who do it are returning to a much easier lifestyle. This I hope lasts longer than the ne quick fixes.

  • Kaleena Harvey

    I think it's ironic that the bohemian culture represents the art of recycling, being comfortable, and not spending much money. Do you know how much it costs to buy clothes with a "boho" label? I say, Just make your own clothes; it's just as beautiful, captures the hippie essence, and is super cheap! :) People make things so complicated sometimes. :P

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