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Hit Workouts

fit tips: always keep workout clothes, a water bottle and protein powder with a shaker cup in your car so you never have an excuse not to hit the gym.

Shed pounds in the pool without swimming laps (or sweating buckets). Self Magazines cool workout is a hot-day hit that gets results fast. I need this for my cross training days.

Raise the "Barre" on your workout: Barre Works. All you need is our seamless high tech knickers - your secret weapon while hitting the "bar".

I do Combat workouts because it keeps me from hitting and kicking people in real life.

Cardio is important for anyone, but it can be intimidating at first. Try this basic cardio workout to increase your endurance and heart health until you’re ready to hit the treadmill or a group fitness class. Don’t know how to do an exercise? Click the link below to see a video on how to perform it.

Glute Workout - let's hit the weights ladies! Don't be scared, you won't "bulk up" unless you have more testosterone than a man!

Tighten your butt fast with three workouts that will have you ready to show off before summer hits

Turbo fire workout calendar- I really like the turbo fire workout , if Uve gotten use to hitting the gym or exercising regularly , give it a shot its worthwhile !

A daily exercise plan! Do these exercises throughout the day (and add in your own) to get into the habit of daily fitness. Note that I said “throughout the day.” These aren’t meant to be completed all at once, though you could if you’re that fit. But feel free to do only 10 or 20 jumping jacks at a time. Just keep track of them and try to hit the goal before you go to bed.

A 12-minute Tabata style circuit workout inspired by plyometric moves from the Insanity videos. 4/25/13...did 3 rounds in 20 minutes...I've been working my legs a lot so this was especially hard today, but an excellent way to hit tabata and plyo in a quick workout.

  • Ali Fun

    I agree with you... I am not the original poster, nor did I create the workout. True Tabata also includes at least a 10 minute warm-up. I assume that people do their own research, as I did several years ago.

  • Buster Adams

    This is not the Tabata Method. Tabata is a Japanese researcher that epically stated, "Six to eight very hard 20-second intervals with 10-second rest periods may be one of the best possible training protocols." If you can do anything after four minutes, you just are not doing Tabata Method. For reference, here is a legit Tabata Method:

Did this tonight in my dorm room and it was great! I wasn't sure it would be that good of a workout, but it was! Simple exercises done quickly and with good form make this great when you're short on time or just feeling too lazy to hit the gym. I'm definitely keeping this one to use later! This Pilates workout video really hits the core. I'm serious. You'll be feeling the wrath of Pilates on your lower abs, your upper abs, and your obliques. You'll be sore tomorrow and you'll love it. Cassey Ho is a fun Pilates Instructor who loves mixing up her moves to upbeat pop music. Songs in this workout: ...

200 burpees challenge. I'm pretty sure if I could DO all that, I'd look amazing and be so proud of myself! Right now I'm happy with my FIVE burpees of the day ;)

  • Donnalee Leinbach

    I tried this work out but added 25 kettlebell swings at the end. It was intense!

32 Workouts Perfect for Any Fitness Level

  • Greatist


  • Free Fitness Tips

    Awesome list. I love that Dorm Room circuit. I often do single exercises from this workout at 5 minute intervals throughout the day to break it up.

Bethenny Frankel's simply flat ab routine. Lose 2 inches in 4 weeks! (except I'm pretty sure my abs have disappeared and I can't do a single set without stopping!)

Hip and Thigh Blaster Leg workout ~ "To lose fat and firm your thighs, there may be no better exercise than the multidimensional lunge. This five-part exercise is one of McClellan’s favorite tools because it hits legs and hips from every angle—helping eliminate muscle imbalances—while blasting fat and boosting cardiovascular fitness."

  • Rameen Mustafa

    How many times are we supposed to repeat those moves??????

  • Tiana

    Oops, sorry. My phone glitched. Should have been entered into the search engine :)

  • Tiana

    Leg streches

10 Interval Training mobile apps. Great for Tabatas!

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