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Hit Workouts

10 min HIT Workout

I hit this so I won't hit you.... Has always been my motto. Take it to the bag or batting cages.

I think being patient is the hardest part. After four weeks and almost 20 pounds down, I seem to have hit a plateau. Just need to keep focused and know that in the end I will get what I worked for.

Ultimate Arm Exercise: Using a light weight (8 lb. dumbells pictured) start at picture 1. Think: Down, Up, In, Out, Down, while doing this exercise. Do 12-15 repetitions per set, 3 sets total. If you find by rep 10, you can't keep your form and hit your rep, lower the weight. If you're not challenged at rep 15, up the weight. Add this to your workout, once a week, and you'll see a big change!

Sit down and get sculpting! This 9-minute workout hits every muscle in your arms. okay i think i can do this haha


Daily Workout Plan

nice little circuit i can do at home.

The BRAZILIAN BELLY workout is designed to hit both your upper lower abs to bring you a lean, flat stomach that will make you LOOK FEEL great! Do the Summer AB Series workouts 2-3x a week, and remember alternating workouts will make it more challenging, keep your body guessing and get you maximum results!!!

Treadmill HIT workouts like these

Silent Killer Workout - Amazing 20min you can do in your hotel room. Lots of squats :)))) use water bottle for weights, do regular push ups instead of reverse- tone up those arms & back, do reg leg lifts from floor - believe me you will get a great workout in no time. and you'll be ready to hit the beach or whatever

Six Pack Abs Core Strength Workout Routine for Men and Women – Want to get that perfect six pack? Try this comprehensive abdominal gym workout routine that will hit your upper and lower abs as well as obliques for a perfectly toned core.

Crossfit, quick home workout for the days you can't hit the gym! that's what i'l be doing at your house @Lindsay Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon Dillon Hoyt

This is the best core workout ever! No equipment, easy to fit into a busy day. Hits every major muscle, too: abs, obliques, back, etc. Love it! | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #video

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Trim Your Inner Thighs With Easy Exercises! Move 2: First-Position Plié Squat Begin with heels touching and toes slightly turned out. (A) Keeping heels together, rise up onto your toes. (Hold on to a wall if you feel wobbly, but maintain posture.) (B) Bend your knees into a half squat for two counts, then come back up in two counts, keeping heels together.

Strengthen your shoulders and back with this intense one-hit workout! Aim for three sets of 10 reps!

Indie Rock and Run : For runners out there who love to rock out, this indie rock playlist deserves a subscribe click. These hard-hitting anthems will keep you feeling like a rock star for your whole run. Top track: "Tightrope" — Walk the Moon

A Beach Workout to Tone All Your Bikini-Baring Zones: Make the most of your beach time and hit the sand for a toning workout.

Lower back, holler back yo! Today on XHIT, Rebecca-Louise shows you how to tone up that low back. It is important to hit the low back as often as you hit your abs—your core is not only on the front side!! Follow along with this intense, brand new workout routine and let us know what you think! Subscribe:

20 Minute Insanity Workout...these are some of his best this is perfect for days when you only have 20 minutes.

POP Pilates: Flatter my Abs workout! This one is challenging and will hit your upper abs, powerhouse, lower abs, and obliques (love handles and muffintops - bye bye!)

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